Frequently Asked Questions If you have any questions, chances are someone has previously asked the same. Please browse through our FAQs below to see if weve already got an answer for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, chances are someone has previously asked the same. Please browse through our FAQs below to see if we’ve already got an answer for you.




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How do I get to Daydream Island Resort and Spa?
To get to Daydream Island Resort and Spa you travel by luxury ferry transfer or helicopter. If you are transferring by ferry this is done from Port of Airlie (mainland Australia) or the Great Barrier Reef Airport (Hamilton Island).
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How many levels are at the resort?
The resort has 3 accommodation wings and 3 levels of accommodation. All levels are accessible by elevators. The accommodation wings are located at the North end of the island.
Is the Resort wheelchair accessible?
Yes, the resort has wheelchair accessible rooms and the main resort areas are wheelchair accessible.
Can I bring my own alcohol with me?
NO BYO. We are a licensed establishment only. Under the Queensland Liquor Act and Regulations, it is an offence to consume alcohol contrary to license. Any alcohol brought onto island will be confiscated and returned to you on departure.
How long is Daydream Island?
Daydream Island is 1 kilometre in length and 300-400 metres wide (at the widest point).
How long does it take to travel to Great Barrier Reef Airport (Hamilton Island)?
Approximately 40 minutes by luxury ferry transfer.
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How long does it take to travel to the mainland?
Approximately 30 minutes by luxury ferry transfer.
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Can I swim in the Living Reef Lagoon?
No, there are many Sharks, Stingrays, Barramundi’s and fragile coral that may hurt you or that you can damage. If you would like to get up close and personal to the marine life in the Living Reef Lagoons please check the daily activities program on feeding times. This is your opportunity to capture a photo while feeding the animals under the supervision of Daydream Island staff. Please do not feed these animals outside the supervised program times.
Does Daydream Island have interconnecting rooms?
Yes. There are several rooms that interconnect. The hotel style rooms have an interconnecting door between the two hotel rooms. There are also some interconnecting rooms that can interconnect 3 hotel style rooms (although these are limited). All interconnecting rooms are subject to availability and must be requested at time of booking.
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When is stinger season?
Stinger season is approximately between October to March every year in the hotter months. A stinger suit must be worn when swimming in the Whitsundays during this time. Daydream Island has 3 large lagoon style swimming pools and you do not need to wear a stinger suit in the lagoon style swimming pools.
Should I pre-book my Rejuvenation Spa treatment?
Yes you should pre-book to avoid disappointment. On-line booking forms are found under the Rejuvenation Spa section on this website.
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Can I snorkel at Daydream Island Resort and Spa?
Yes, you can snorkel straight off the beach at Daydream Island. The best snorkelling times are mid tide to low tide at Lovers Cove. Daydream Island is surrounded by a fringing coral reef. Bring your own gear or hire it from the Island.
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Does Daydream Island Resort and Spa have an outdoor cinema screen?
Yes. The 44 ft Open Air Cinema screen is complimentary for guests to enjoy the latest cinema releases on selected days. Enjoy watching a movie while sitting in purpose built outdoor chairs, under the stars. The 44ft Open Air Cinema can also be hired for private functions and is ideal for screening a company’s awards night or corporate video.
Does the Endeavour Wedding Chapel have a web cam?
Yes the Endeavour Wedding Chapel does have a web cam. This enables guests who are unable to make the wedding to see the wedding live via an internet broadcast.
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Does Daydream Island have a Kids club?
Yes. The Skippers Kids club caters for children from 6 weeks to 12 years old. Session times must be pre-booked direct with the Kids club.
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Can charter yachts be moored off Daydream?
Yes, there are 6 moorings available on the East side of Daydream Island ranging from 36ft to 60ft.
How do I contact Daydream to enquire about mooring vacancies and costs?
Please call the island directly using radio on Channel 17 on approach to Daydream. Alternatively, call 07 4948 8488 for any other enquiries relating to mooring. The cost is $150 per 24 hour period. Free showers are available for use in the Transit lounge and all Resort facilities and FREE activities are included in the fee.

There’s no other island quite like Daydream, on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. With a fringing reef a mere flipper’s kick from the beach and a Living Reef on the island itself, it’s an incredible place to not only live and learn about one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, but to experience it first hand.

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