Corporate Social Responsibility


Daydream Island conducts regular reporting sessions with GBRMPA to ensure its regulations and those of the Environmental Protection Authority are met.

Every effort is taken to maintain the rainforest, ensuring the wildlife’s ecosystem is kept intact. The Island liaises with local Queensland National Parks and Wildlife representatives as required, particularly in terms of preserving the Island’s ecological integrity. Daydream also employs a staff member who is certified in the care of a wide range of wild animals.

Daydream Island Resort & Spa has achieved AAA Green Star accreditation as a more sustainable accommodation provider.

Water reticulation
Long before Queensland’s worst drought on record reached crisis point, Daydream Island Resort and Spa was employing water saving strategies. Waste water on the Island is recycled through the sewage treatment facility. A recent major upgrade from its previous secondary stage means it is now able to produce 99.9% pure water. While the water is fit for human consumption, Daydream Island Resort and Spa chooses to only use this water to irrigate gardens. So all of the water used to irrigate our beautiful gardens is actually recycled water.

Playing a small but significant role in monitoring Queensland’s water crisis, Daydream plans to record rainfall on the Island daily, and send monthly reports to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Power conservation
Daydream is in the process of moving to energy efficient lighting. Regular maintenance is carried out and energy audits have been completed to enable the Resort to operate more efficiently as an ongoing project plan.

All departments are encouraged to follow the rules of recycling by separating plastic/paper, glass and general waste. The raw sewerage is treated on site and its bi-product is taken away and used for landfill. Engine oil, paints and chemicals are removed by waste management contractors. We are presently looking at separating all cardboard and aluminium cans to add to our recycling programme. Our used cooking oils are sent off island and reused as a bio-fuel in lieu of Diesel. We mulch all green waste and fallen and pruned trees for use on our garden beds. A compactor is also used to try to minimise the number of times Daydream Island Resort and Spa requires the use of a barge to remove rubbish.


Water conservation
Water is conserved wherever possible such as utilising water reducing taps, water reticulation etc. Notices are placed in all rooms asking guests to make a conscious choice as to whether their bed linen and towels are changed daily.

Daydream Island Resort & Spa is committed to ensuring the long term sustainability of Australasia tourism. This is supported through our alignment with various tourism bodies.

Employment Opportunities
Daydream Island Resort & Spa employ’s and accommodates people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, and is an equal employer.

Local suppliers: Daydream Island uses the supplies and services of many different companies located in the Whitsunday and Mackay region. Building materials and supplies are sourced locally, local contractors are employed to complete specialised jobs and several local food suppliers are used. Daydream used the services of 202 local suppliers in the Airlie Beach, Cannonvale and Proserpine area alone. Local employment: Daydream Island employs between 200 - 350 at any one time, and whilst some staff are recruited from outside the region, many of the island’s employees are based locally. Apprenticeships: Daydream Island offers apprentices the opportunity to build on their skills whilst gaining valuable industry experience in a 4.5 star resort environment. Donations, sponsorship and prizes: Daydream supports CQ Rescue Helicopter who plays a vital role in the community, and as such Daydream is a member of the Rescue 100 Club. Respect of local traditional culture: Daydream’s Living Reef educational centre exhibits numerous informative posters and media to promote the traditional land owners of the Whitsunday region and the culture of the Ngaro indigenous people.

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