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20.558° S, 148.8139° E Daydream Island
20.558° S, 148.8139° E Daydream Island

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Few places can match the majesty and untouched splendour of Daydream. An Island utopia that charms even the most discerning holidaymaker, it is one of those very special destinations that stays with you long after you leave. From the beautiful topography and picturesque vistas to the crystalline waters and natural treasures that surround, you’ll soon see why Daydream is known as Australia’s famous reef island.

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The beautiful topography of Daydream Island, and its accessibility to both the mainland and the Great Barrier Reef make it a jewel amongst the 74 islands of the Whitsundays. Indeed, the island originally known as West Molle has beguiled many over the years.


First to see its tourism potential were adventurers Paddy and Connie Murray who bought the island in 1932 for two hundred pounds, erecting six tin sheds for accommodation and renaming it Day Dream after their yacht.


 It changed hands again for two thousand pounds in 1941.


Its fame really started to grow when it became part of the Ansett airline empire in 1947. A series of colourful entrepreneurs stamped their own unique flair on the island in ensuing years; with hundreds of millions spent on major redevelopment.    


 From the early 2000s until recently, Daydream was owned by former world water-ski champion and vitamin king, Vaughan Bullivant.


In March 2015, Daydream Island was acquired by CCIG – China Capital Investment Group, a major conglomerate with Headquarters in Shanghai who intend to invest and transform Daydream yet again, taking it to new heights as a world-class, unique resort facility.


On the 15th of April 2019, Daydream Island Resort will finally reopen its doors to the public with a soft launch. Having undergone major refurbishments, the 277 room resort will offer a range of new drinking and dining options, exciting on and off island activities as well as a massive upgrade to the island's landmark Living Reef. 

Majesty and untouched splendour of Daydream.