The ferry ride to Daydream Island is a joy in itself. The schedule’s timed to coincide with most arriving and departing flights, so it won’t be long until you’re enjoying panoramic views of the Whitsunday Islands, aboard modern vessels operated by either Cruise Whitsundays or directly by Daydream Island.

If you’re flying into Hamilton Island Airport, you’ll find the Cruise Whitsundays check-in counter in the baggage collection area opposite the carousels. If you’re taking the ferry from Port of Airlie, you’ll spot the check-in counter when you arrive.

If you're flying into Whitsundays Coast Airport (Proserpine) you will be met by the Whitsundays Transit transfer drivers in the baggage collection area. Coaches then take you to Port of Airlie for vessel services directly to Daydream Island.

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To help make your trip to Daydream Island Resort hassle free, please pre-book your ferry transfers via the below online booking form. Please ensure all relevant fields are completed in full. Ferry transfer bookings are essential and must be pre-booked in advance. Please visit here to check the current ferry timetable. Please note that the ferry schedule is subject to availability and transfers may change without notice. 

Guests will receive a confirmation of their ferry transfer booking at least 3 days prior to your arrival date.