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On Island Activities

Whether you’re in your element in the water, or perhaps you’re happier on dry land – we have a great range of fun, educational, relaxing and unique experiences available on the island. Please check out our activities brochure for more information including duration and pricing.

Fish Feeding

On Island Activities Activities

With an array of activities on offer across the island each day, guests can experience the luxury of diving into a snorkelling adventure within the Living Reef or exploring the surrounds of island. Our revitalised pool landscape, coral beaches, gym facilities and unlimited access to non-motorised water activities, ensures there is something to keep everyone entertained.

We offer the following activities available during your stay;

  • Guided kayak tour
  • Paddle board tour
  • Stingray splash
  • Guided fish feeding
  • Reef rangers
  • Living reef night tour
  • Snorkel equipment hire
  • Yoga & Meditation classes
  • Bingo & Trivia Nights
  • Amazing Race
  • Underwater Observatory Drinks & Nibbles 
  • Sunset Drinks & Nibbles


Our staff would be delighted to provide further information and options on these activities, please contact the activities team on email at

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Resort Swimming Pool

Included Activities

On Daydream Island, we can happily say the best things in life are free. From the eye-opening wildlife adventures to heart-pumping fitness classes – our guests can enjoy it all. So, if you think you’ve had enough of lounging by the pool (personally, we never do) here are some things to look forward to.

Whitehaven Beach & Hill Inlet

Off Island Activities

The excitement doesn’t stop at our shores. Experience the stunning Great Barrier Reef and surrounding Whitsundays by air, land or sea – from a day of golf, helicopter tours or ocean rafting. Please refer to the off-island activities brochure for more about duration and pricing. Pre-bookings are essential.