Daydream Island Resort Management Statement


The nightly news program, A Current Affair, have recently run two reports regarding Daydream Island that included reference to our service standards. building standards and staff conduct. We strongly refute a number of the claims made by A Current Affair, they are untrue or materially inaccurate and have been falsely reported by the program. We are currently investigating the claims with the producers and the network.
Without limitation, the management of Daydream Island would like to point out the inaccuracies in the A Current Affairs story as follows:

  1. The room shown with a falling ceiling was under repair by the Daydream Maintenance team at the time the photographs were taken.The repair work took place during the COVID19 shutdown when the resort was closed to all guests.There were no guests at all on the property at this time.
  2. There were no safety issues raised in respect of the staff pool, and Daydream Island have all the required certifications and approvals applicable to this pool.
  3. Daydream Island pay all staff wages in compliance with the Queensland Award Rates and employee conditions.
  4. Any challenges to our service standards are being continually monitored and addressed by training and recruitment programs that we have in place.
  5. Certain videos and images have been taken of locations of the Island inaccessible to guests and/or the subject of construction works, remedial works,and/or cleanup operations.

We pride ourselves on providing our very best service and guest experience for all visitors to the island. Our service standards are commensurate with our positioning in the market and tropical island location. The owners of Daydream Island, China Capital Investment Group (CCIG) bought Daydream Island in 2015 and generously invested $140 million into the redevelopment of the island following the destruction by Cyclone Debbie in 2017. Our resort reopened in 2019 with new modern rooms and facilities. The island employs over 200 Australians, creates jobs, pays taxes and continues to support the local Whitsunday community, the Australian tourism industry, and contributes to the Australian economy.
All construction works were undertaken in accordance with applicable legislative requirements, Australian standards and building, and other codes relevant to construction in Queensland.  All necessary certifications and approvals in respect of such construction work has been obtained prior to the re-opening of the Daydream Island Resort and Living Reef.  
We are continually monitoring our service and safety standards and we take all guest feedback onboard. The visitor experience, health, and safety of all our staff and guests is our priority.
All staff members who work at Daydream Island undergo training and an onboarding process. They are required to sign a Staff Village Agreement, agreeing to abide by the code of conduct required at all times to live and work on the island. Other safety measures are in place at staff quarters, including signage and security patrols. 
We are proud to offer all guests the opportunity to experience the true wonders of nature, our unique island experience, warm friendly service, and access to the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef. We promise to extend a very warm welcome and truly enjoyable stay with us.

Dilip Madhok
Chief Operating Officer
Daydream Island Resort and Living Reef