Mooring & Berthing Booking Terms & Conditions: 

Entry to the Island is only permitted via the Island's Marina. All passengers on board the vessel must have either a resort accommodation booking at Daydream Island Resort or utilizing a Day Visitor Pass to the Island. Under no circumstances are guests permitted to stay overnight on board the berthed vessel.

The Boat Owner assumes all risk and liability for and in respect of the use of the facilities of the Marina and the use of his Vessel and equipment including but not limited to ropes, lines and tackle and for all loss, damage, injury or death caused to persons or property howsoever arising from the use of the facilities, the Vessel and its equipment. Notwithstanding whether or not the Boat Owner has affected insurance with respect thereof, the Boat Owner will indemnify and release the Marina against and from any claims or demands resulting from loss of or damage to the facilities, other property or persons however caused. Please refer to our website for our full terms & conditions.