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Daydream Island Resort Drone / Remote Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Policy

Effective from 01 July 2020

Drone / Remote Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Policy

It is your crew's responsibility to ensure that you check that you are compliant with standards set by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for drones and RPAS. 

Australia's safety laws for drones / RPAS as defined in the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 101, vary depending on whether you are flying recreationally or for commercial purposes.

Recreational use (E.g. General Public and Resort Guests)

Please note that recreational drone use is not permitted on Daydream Island Resort property, its transportation services, or on resort tours/activities due to safety concerns and the high rates of air traffic in the Whitsundays, as a result of the region's multiple heli-pads and two airports located at Proserpine and Hamilton Island, , along with our commitment to prioritise the resort, its tours and facilities for the privacy, safety, and comfort of all guests. No enquiries to the resort regarding special access or approvals outside of  these provisions will be entertained  from recreational users .

Any violation of this prohibition policy on Daydream Island Resort Property, managed leases, transportation service or activities and tours, may include the suspension of your day pass, accommodation booking or day access to the resort, confiscation of any equipment and subsequent reporting to the OLD Police. Individuals may be subject to litigious action for violation of privacy, injury to third party and breach of subsequent legislation.

Commercial Use of Drones (E.g . Film Crews)

When flying for any form of economic gain or on behalf of  a commercial entity, film crews must have an operator  that has all requisite CASA approvals & provide all evidence of CASA approvals/licenses to fly in the resort   vicinity.

The crew are responsible and liable to understand and adhere to all local government regulations and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park filming guidelines in the areas surrounding the resort prior to filming and acquiring any necessary permits/approvals.

In addition, express written approval must be obtained from Daydream Island Resort marketing department prior to drone use on the resort ground s, tours, transportation services or activities. Commercial operators can contact marketing@daydreamisland.com for further information.

Please note: A controlled airspace broadcast via radio or phone call to Daydream Island Security on 0436 809 663 is required prior to the flight of the drone. All CASA and air services regulations must be adhered to at all times.

We have adopted this policy to ensure the safety and privacy of our guests, visitors and staff. Drone use that is in breach of any regulation will be documented and reported to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), the Queensland Police Service, and Queensland National Parks & Wildlife Services (as appropriate) who can impose infringement  notices of  up to  $8,500  per offence.

Information surrounding CASA's regulations for RPA usage can be found at https://www.casa.gov.au/drones

We encourage reporting of illegal usage of RPAs at Daydream Island Resort. This can be done through CASA at: https://www.casa.gov.au/drones/report-unsafe-drone-operations