Discover the Living Reef on Daydream Island in Whitsundays
20.558° S, 148.8139° E Daydream Island
20.558° S, 148.8139° E Daydream Island

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The Living Reef

The Living Reef is a free form coral lagoon that wraps 200m around the central building on Daydream Island and is home to over 100 species of local marine life including fish, small sharks, rays and other reef dwelling creatures. Up to 15m wide and containing 1.5m litres of fresh, filtered sea water this man made reef system offers a range of ways you can get up close to our resident marine animals. The Underwater Observatory takes you 4m under the surface and showcases a large 7 x 3m window where you can watch the marine life going about their day. The open learning environment in the Education Centre has 8 living displays showcasing various habitats from mangroves to corals, a theatrette and an interactive touch pool.


Living Reef Activities

Our range of Living Reef activities are offered by our resident Marine Biologists who love to share their passion and knowledge with our guests. Pre booking is essential. 

Download our Living Reef Activities brochure here


As part of our COVID Safe Plan cashless payment is preferred. We would prefer all guests to use contactless payment throughout the Island for all services.


Exploration Centre

There’s no blackboard in this classroom. Our exploration centre overlooks the Living Reef’s main lagoon and includes touch tanks, a theatre, and eye-opening exhibits.

Underwater Observatory

Look through a large acrylic window out at a typical reef system with living coral where you can spot lobsters, fish hiding, and other reef dwelling creatures going about their daily routine.

You only have to look just below the surface, to find a world that is extraordinary.

Guided Fish Feeding

Feed snacks to a stingray, find out what tropical fish likes to feast on, and give a sea star its supper – all at our guided fish feeding.

Sting Ray Spalsh

Stingray Splash

Ready to make a splash? Join the baby stingrays in the Living Reef, followed by a fascinating talk and guided tour through our underwater observatory.

Reef Ranger

Get your backstage pass. Join our resident marine biologists through restricted areas of the lagoon for a behind-the-scenes look at our Living Reef.

Make unforgettable connections with the amazing animals of the Living Reef.

Living Reef Guided Snorkel

A new experience to Daydream Island. Join one of our Marine Biologists as they take you through our Living Reef to see rays, fish and reef sharks close up.

Night Tours

Discover what goes on underwater once the sun’s gone down. Meet us after dark for a hands-on night tour of the Living Reef.