A couple enjoying a ride on a yacht near Daydream Island

Daydream Island Marina & Berthing

Guests with private watercraft of any kind cannot enter Daydream Island via Lovers Cove or any other location on the Island. Access to the Island is not permitted via the public mooring at Lovers/Sunlovers Cove. Entry to the Island is only permitted via the Island's Marina. 

Bookings are required prior to arrival. All passengers on board the vessel must have either a resort accommodation booking at Daydream Island Resort or utilising a Day Visitor Pass to the Island. Under no circumstances are guests permitted to stay overnight on board the berthed vessel.   

Aerial view of Whitehaven Beach near Daydream Island

Download Mooring and Berthing Information

Please complete the Mooring and Berthing online booking form below to request a berth in Daydream Island Marina for the day or overnight. Requests are only accepted when you receive a berthing confirmation from our team. This is generally provided within 24 hours depending on space and availability..