Daydream Island Activities and Things to Do | Daydream Island Resort
20.558° S, 148.8139° E Daydream Island
20.558° S, 148.8139° E Daydream Island

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Living Reef

Included Activities

Check out the daily activities schedule to find out what guests can do for absolutely free – it’s all part of the package.

Living Reef - Stingrays

On-Island Activities

Get out on the water or keep steady on dry land. There’s a great range of adventurous, educational, relaxing, and once-in-a-lifetime activities to join in on.

Great Barrier Reef

Off-Island Activities

The Great Barrier Reef and the surrounding Whitsunday Islands are calling, just beyond our shores…

Enjoy the natural splendour of the Whitsundays

Get ready to set sail, or simply set your mind adrift… What’s your first adventure going to be?