Whether you want to celebrate Valentine's Day, create unforgettable memories, or re-ignite the passion flames, there is nothing like a dreamy Queensland resorts for couples to escape to deepen their connection and the world around them.

You may ask, "why Queensland?". Well, then, read on to know. Rediscover each other while engaging in many fun-filled activities at the Queensland resorts.

Here are five reasons why Queensland resorts are the best for couples.

Enjoy the landscapes

The best part about spending a romantic evening in the Queensland resort is the gorgeous landscape views. You can experience island life with beautiful beach views, lagoons, and many more to explore. Furthermore, discover beautiful spots with nature's beauty here or go to the beach and enjoy the sunset with a cocktail.

Explore the marine life

The Queensland resorts for couples allow you to explore marine life. The Daydream Island Resort & Living Reef is the doorway to Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Here the view of coral reef will captivate you, and the Living Reef is something you cannot miss in the island resort. The coral lagoon wraps 200 m with various coral reef species. Daydream island has a great barrier reef with 100 marine species to explore and know.

Journey to the heart

When it comes to emotional experiences, one secret spot on the reef wins every time. The distinct heart-shaped reef is something you might have seen on your Instagram feed, but it looks even better in real life. Best viewed from the air, you can experience this novel slice of nature on the extravagant Journey to the Heart tour. You can also take a glass-bottom boat ferry passengers up to Heart Reef, with a snorkel tour of a nearby lagoon.

Go on a day sailing trip

Take the leisure lane and Cruise in style around the Whitsundays on a day sailing trip. Set sail, champagne in hand, with Cruise, and you will be whisked off to the famous sands of Whitehaven Beach for a day to remember for a lifetime, including a beach picnic. 

Whitehaven aerial view

Whitehaven might be Australia's most famous beach, but with seven kilometres of glistening silica sand, you will not have trouble finding your own patch of paradise to dip your toes into. There are many ways to experience Whitehaven, but one of the best would be to see it from above. Gaze out over the expanse of beaches and islands and experience the most extravagant beach swim you will have in your life.

These are just the five reasons Queensland resorts are the best for couples, among many others. If you wish to experience all these and many more, book your accommodation at the Daydream Island Resort & Living Reef your choice of resorts in Queensland and the gateway to the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef. It is the best choice for a perfect vacation with your better half.