Eco-Resort Great Barrier Reef - Environmental Sustainability | Daydream Island
20.558° S, 148.8139° E Daydream Island
20.558° S, 148.8139° E Daydream Island

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View of Great Barrier Reef near the Daydream Island Resort

Protecting our natural wonderland

We are seriously committed to environmental sustainability. Everything we do on Daydream Island considers our prime position on the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef. We are respectful of the truly remarkable environment we operate in, and maintaining, protecting, and nurturing the diverse ecosystem of Daydream Island and its surrounding waters underpins our every effort.

Daydream Island Resort is governed by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) and Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). Our commitment to the rules set out by these bodies is something Daydream is seriously committed to, to continually ensure we are following best practice for environmental sustainability and protection. 


Water reticulation

Our waste water is recycled through a special sewage treatment facility. Thanks to a recent major upgrade, the water produced is 99.9% pure, and while it’s fit for drinking, we only use it to irrigate our gardens.

We also play our part in monitoring Queensland’s water crisis, recording daily rainfall on the island and sending monthly reports to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Water Conservation

We know water’s a precious commodity in Australia, and make every effort to conserve it in our day-to-day operations through a number of initiatives. These include:

  • Using recycled waste water on our gardens
  • Doing regular maintenance checks on all taps
  • Fitting showers and toilets with water-saving technology
  • Giving guests the option to reuse towels and bedding for a second day, reducing the water used in washing
  • Encouraging staff and guests to reduce their shower time. Did you know each minute of showering uses around 10 litres of water?

Energy saving

In an effort to reduce energy consumption, we…

  • Use energy efficient lights where possible
  • Encourage guests and staff to switch off lights and appliances when not in use
  • Regularly clean air conditioning filters to make sure they’re not working harder than needed
  • Encourage air con systems to be maintained at an easy 23℃
  • Installing insulation in all buildings to reduce the need for air conditioning
  • Keeping fridges and freezers sealed and at optimal temperatures
  • Making sure all appliances have the best suitable energy consumption rating.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Aiming to reduce landfill contribution, Daydream Island undertakes many initiatives including; 

  • Separating general rubbish and all recyclable materials such as plastic, paper, glass, cardboard, aluminium cans 
  • Engine oil, paints and other chemicals are removed by certified waste management contractors for correct disposal 
  • Green waste from pruned and fallen trees and foliage is mulched and used in garden beds 
  • Rubbish compactor is used on site to minimise volume of rubbish needing to be removed by barge, therefore reducing barge travel 
  • Plastic single use straws are not available 
  • Avoiding the use of disposable cups, plates, cutlery, napkins where possible and using reusable crockery, glassware, plastics and silver wear 
  • Banning single use plastic bags and offering reusable cloth bags at retail outlets 
  • Used cooking oils are removed by certified contractors and reused as a bio fuel in lieu of diesel

Daydream Island is unique for so many reasons.