If you are looking for relaxation from a busy life, have an adventurous holiday at the Daydream Island resort. It is one of the best island resorts and is located in the heart of the Whitsundays Islands in Queensland. It offers luxurious accommodations comprising contemporary rooms and suites, a plethora of food and beverage counters, bars and restaurants. It is the tropical heaven for families, couples, and group travellers that offers a range of exciting activities and adventurous tours. From Yoga and Meditation class to Bingo and Trivia Nights, underwater observatory, Living Reef exploration center, Stingray splash, open-air movie, paddleboard tour, guided fish feeding, and lots more.

The Daydream Island resort & Living Reef is located at the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, and therefore you get a lot of activities to do on vacation. The things you find on an island like Daydream are a variety of marine fishes, corals, and invertebrates, which attract tourists from around the world. There are 80 varieties of coral species and about 100 varieties of marine fishes. It is a beautiful tourist destination suitable for all ages.

If you are worried about what you do on a beach vacation? Then, here are10 activities to do at a resort,

  1. Ocean Rafting: Take a fast semi-rigid inflatable boat to view the Whitsunday and Whitehaven Beach. Have an adventurous journey with a small group at each vessel and enjoy lunch at a beautiful destination.
  2. Enjoy a thrilling helicopter tour: Take a glimpse of the breathtaking green island covered with crystal blue waters of Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef from a helicopter.
  3. Enjoy Jet skiing or go out with a catamaran - Enjoy adventurous Jet skiing around the island, offering you are chance to observe beautiful sea creatures. Also, feel the wind striking your face as you explore the pristine water of Whitsundays with a catamaran.
  4. Living Reef Guided Snorkel - Join a group of adventurous travellers, along with marine biologists, to observe Rays, Reef Sharks and a variety of fish of the Living Reef closely. A competent swimmer can enjoy the Touch Tank and Underwater Observatory. This is fun for kids and teenagers.
  5. Enjoy fish feeding under proper guidance - Young tourists can have a close meet with the residents of Living Reef, the colourful Marine fishes, baby reef sharks and sea stars with paying adults. Daily fish feeding show is organised, where you can take a seat and observe marine creatures enjoying their food.
  6. Enjoy paddle boarding and kayaking - Tourists can enjoy paddling on the relaxing waters of daydream Island. Start balancing your board and have fun. Or go Kayaking with your friend and enjoy the tranquility of the crystal water as you glide through it.
  7. Take a walk through Daydream's rainforest - spend your leisure by taking a stroll through the rainforest under guidance. Stop at the rainforest deck and enjoy the spectacular views. Follow the guide to check out the wildlife landmarks and some thrilling features of the island.
  8. Sports - A variety of sports are arranged regularly at the South end of Daydream Island. Check out for a game of soccer, basketball, or a tennis match. You can also enjoy trekking around the island and go for scavenger hunts. A few more activities at the South end like Jenga, bocce, SUP, kayak, and catamaran.
  9. Open Air Cinema - Enjoy a range of family favourites, classics, and recently released movies on a 44ft screen in a beautiful lawn facing the sunset beach. You can purchase snacks and take a seat on the Deck chairs to enjoy a movie night under the stars.
  10. Enjoy a swim across the ocean - You can hire snorkel equipment and have a self-guided swim in the ocean during leisure time. Have fun exploring various activities under the water.

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There are various things you do at the beach and you will never get bored at an inland resort. They offer fitness classes, yoga classes, scavenger hunts, gym facilities, Stingray splash, a variety of helicopter tours, and lots more. Couples can enjoy a personal early morning water tour and get in touch with tropical fish. The to-do things on an inland are never-ending. One can take air, land, and sea tours around the Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef. Have a great vacation at one such island resort and check out the activities that you must do there.