Wondering about the best family vacation packages in the current scenario? Of course, we all know that the COVID-19 pandemic and global lockdown have put paid to people’s travel aspirations throughout the world. However, there are still several family-friendly travel destinations that you can consider. In addition, several handy tips will help you sail through with the ideal family travel destinations while adhering to all safety protocols and guidelines, especially with your kids in tow.

  • Be aware of your health risks and balance things out. While you may be planning the best family vacations on a budget, it is essential to stay mindful of the risks involved with the journey. Taking responsibility for journeying with the family is stressful in this scenario. You should first understand all risks present and plan to balance them out by following all necessary guidelines and adopting vital precautions. Avoid going to destinations with higher COVID-19 caseloads. Instead, select charming and secluded destinations which follow all strong protocols while offering ample space for everyone to spread out and maintain social distancing regulations.
  • Advance planning always works- The best family vacations in modern times are well planned. Keep a tab on the news about the destination that you have selected. Follow guidelines issued by authorities concerning flights, incoming visitors, COVID-19 precautions, and guidelines. These may keep changing from time to time.
  • Flying tips- Book flights smartly in these troubled times. If you do not want to book in advance, wait till a little before the trip during domestic flights. With COVID-19 still lingering worldwide, fares will not change drastically. However, international flights should be booked beforehand. Try and use flyer miles smartly for getting free fuel, gift vouchers, hotel stays, and avail of services like priority check-ins at the airport, priority baggage handling, and so on.
  • Choose a suitable transportation method- The transportation method is very important, particularly when journeying with children. Avoid public transport unless it is urgent. Instead, use your vehicle or a self-driven rental for road trips or fly to the destination of your choice. Keep sanitizing and disinfecting your mode of transportation as much as you can.
  • De-clutter your itinerary- No matter how attractive you find family vacation packages with tons of places and attractions thrown into the mix, de-clutter this time around. The pandemic necessitates careful and systematic planning while avoiding excessive journeys and landmarks on the list. Keep the travel bucket list achievable and simple, especially when you are taking your children along. In fact, staycations are also recommended in tranquil destinations without much traveling to nearby places.
  • Adhere to all health and safety protocols- CDC and WHO health protocols are vital along with those guidelines issued by administrative authorities in your own home city/region and the place you have chosen for family-friendly travel. In addition, adhere to safety guidelines like maintaining distance, wearing masks, avoiding crowds and public areas, and operating more responsibly.
  • Monitor children closely- Along with adhering to protocols, your kids should know all the regulations in place. While traveling with children, keep a closer eye on their activities. Track where they are going, what they are eating, touching, and their health levels. Children may not always follow protocols unknowingly and touch public surfaces as well. Notice their activities and keep them with you throughout the entire trip.
  • Hand sanitizers are indispensable vacation essentials- Hand sanitizers should not be neglected. Carry the same and use it regularly while also making family members and children use it as well. Make sure that everyone’s hands are sanitized after touching any surface or before eating.
  • Make sure that everyone is wearing masks- Every family member should wear masks to keep coronavirus successfully at bay. Make sure that everyone adheres to this guideline, arguably the most important one of all. No one should take off their mask in a public place.
  • Explain all safety protocols to children and family members- To avoid future hassles, explain all the vital safety and security guidelines and protocols to your loved ones. Make sure they understand what it takes to ensure a safe trip in the current scenario.

You should also book a family-friendly resort that limits the need to travel far and wide for major attractions and activities. The establishment should adhere to all safety guidelines and protocols while offering enjoyable staycations with all the amenities required by modern families. An option like the Daydream Island Resort is worth considering for the great food, ample space, and plethora of activities in and around the property.