10 Tips for planning the perfect long weekend trip

Planning a weekend getaway is always fun and exciting! Check out some innovative ideas and handy tips that you can use for a perfect long weekend trip. From adventurous small vacations to interesting short trips, explore our suggestions and pick the ones that call to you the most. Get busy booking accommodation and finding the best family vacation places, there is plenty to do! 

Here are the best tips for planning the perfect weekend jaunt -

  1. Trip Purpose - You should, of course, start your search based on what segment or category the trip falls into based on the purpose, nature of the trip, objectives and so on. Is it one of those classic romantic couple ++getaways, or is it a family outing with the children? Is it a trip for both work and leisure? Is it a luxury resort type vacation or a roughing-it-out kind of camping excursion? When you narrow down the purpose of the trip, planning it becomes much easier.
  2. Choose your budget - After narrowing down the type and purpose of the trip, choose the budget that you are comfortable with. Finalize a ballpark for how much you will spend, and this will give you a starting point to shape the weekend getaway accordingly. Take into account travel, accommodation, food, sightseeing and other expenses.
  3. Driving/Flying/Train - While looking at destinations, consider the travel options as well - what you are comfortable with and how much it will cost. Will you be hopping onto one or multiple trains? Will you be catching a flight or connecting flights? Will you be driving down or hiring a vehicle? You should include this while chalking out your plan.
  4. Traveling Time - Take into account the traveling time when figuring out how long your weekend trip will be. If you are only driving 2-3 hours away, then you can simply take a day off from work and be home by Sunday! Yet, if it is 5-6 hours away, then taking a 3-4 day trip will be more sensible. Or look for a destination that you can get to and back, depending on the days off you actually have.
  5. Do your homework - Doing homework or research about any travel destination always helps. Find out about the accommodation available, rules and regulations, local transportation, customs, food, attractions and so on.
  6. Book your accommodation - Always book this well in advance for your trip to be successful and without any hassles. Choose after careful consideration of all available options, filter as per your budget, comfort, and other factors, and then complete the booking.
  7. Create your own daily itinerary - Have an approximate travel itinerary and plan mapped out for each day of your vacation. This will go a long way towards helping you stay on track to accomplish your travel goals.
  8. Plan all sightseeing, tours and activities beforehand - Make sure that you book all tours, activities and sightseeing in advance. Plan these things out, and you will have a smooth time while on your trip. Last minute bookings may not always be possible, which would lead to you missing out on interesting sights and experiences.
  9. Pack appropriate clothing and gear - Pack less when you are venturing on a weekend getaway but pack sensibly. Pack a single outfit for each day, a spare pair of comfortable shoes, some accessories, and you are ready to go! Make sure you have all the right accessories and paraphernalia to get the optimum vacation experience.
  10.  Travel Insurance - Once you have booked the flight or train or car rental, make sure that you invest in buying travel insurance if needed. This will help you recover some cost if the trip gets canceled for unforeseen reasons. Travel insurance is not that expensive and will cover several risks and issues. It will come handy if you have to suddenly cancel your trip due to an emergency or if there is a hurricane or a natural calamity at the intended destination, or if you get injured or fall sick, or  if you lose your luggage or it is stolen. Several insurers cover passport loss so that’s another thing to think about.


These were a few tips to get you started on planning your perfect long weekend trip, explore all the options around you and get the best out of your vacation!