Inventive and island activities for kids help ignite your child's inquisitiveness and curiosity that help make their journey of exploration, discovery, and development filled with lots of knowledge, experience, and lots of fun.

The daydream island has put together several island activities for teenagers as well as kids that will help satiate the curiosity in your child through different fun, educational, art and craft classes, parties, and events. Daydream island kids' activities are attractive, unique, and highly popular amongst children and parents alike. The kid's activities have been rated 5-Star, leaving your kid with an unforgettable experience and sheer will to learn and explore more!



  • Inspire Creativity:  When you encourage your kid's Creativity, you expand their imagination and their thinking power that help them grow as individuals that help improve other aspects of learning and boost their well-being and self-improvement


  • Logic: Overcoming difficulties and problems is part of life's journey. Creative events not only help your child to think and expand his/her imagination but also help them make connections and come up with new methods to make things work for themselves.


Failure is the 'First attempt at Learning', and the innovative activities at Day-Dream Island offer an excellent way for your child to think and try out several solutions to accomplish what they want. Activities help your child to organize and evaluate information, problem-solve, and make connections with others.


  • Communication skills: Creative events and island activities help your child improve their listening skills, help them to express their feelings and actions, improve their language, attention to detail, and overall communication skills.


  • ConīŦdence: encouraging your child's creativity and innovative ideas and transforming them into actions boosts self-esteem, satisfaction, and self-confidence. This expands a child's imagination as they feel confident that their ideas are important and valued. In Daydream island there are several holiday activities for kids where they are exposed to different materials, colours, and textures that encourage your child's spirit around nature. This developing confidence also helps them become independent in the long run.


  • Social Skills: Holidays activities for kids in daydream island help the kids to get familiar with the notion of sharing and caring. The activities help them inculcate the ability to share and bond with others, making it easier for them to make friends.


  • Understanding Their World: At Day-dream Island, help your child to understand the idea of large and small, hard and soft, wet, and dry, etc with the holiday activities for kids. Activities in Day-dream island help your kid to understand the different ways in which they affect the environment and help impart them with the concept of self-awareness.

If your element is water, or you are happier on dry land – Day-dream island provides you with a great range of educational, relaxing, and fun-filled holiday activities for kids that come with unique experiences for your child to happen. Read about the essentials for any trip to a remote island.




  • GUIDED RAINFOREST WALKYou can take a walk with your kid through the rainforest accompanied by one of our guides, who will point out and help you get an insight into the island's wildlife, sights, and other exciting elements and take pleasure in the breathtaking scenes from the viewing deck.


  • OUTDOOR FITNESS CLASSES – Aqua Fitness is fun, high-powered exercise session that includes a fusion of several dance styles, aerobic and cardio fitness.


  • PUBLIC FISH FEEDING SHOWOne of the most popular island activities for kids on our daydream island is the public fish feeding show. Take a seat and relax with your kid and let your child wonder in awe as our Marine Biologists feed our occupant rays, reef sharks, and the several marine creatures in our public fish feeding show.


  • ISLAND KAYAK TOUR – Let our guides take you on a scenic paddle around the island, pointing out noteworthy landmarks and notable reef features—experience wild fish feeding with the locals off Lovers Cove.


  • GUIDED FISH FEEDING – Take the opportunity to get close and personal with guided fish feeding island activities for kids with our Living Reef inhabitants that include colourful fish, baby reef sharks, and sea stars. You and your child can also become a part of our daydream island family and take a tour of our recent Underwater Observatory. This activity is a must-do at Daydream to enrich your experience.


  • REEF RANGERSWith our reef rangers and one of the best island activities in daydream island, you and your child are taken across the confined areas of the lagoon for an exclusive active experience at our Living Reef with time to come across our brand-new Touch Tanks.


  • LIVING REEF GUIDED SNORKEL – A new experience for Daydream Island. Attach to one of our Marine Biologists as they guide you through our Living Reef to see rays, fish, and reef sharks close. We are limited to a maximum of 6 people per session. Minimum age ten years. Must be a competent swimmer.


  • SNORKEL EQUIPMENT HIRE – Take a self-guided swim in the ocean at your leisure to explore the activity beneath the water's surface. - Equipment rentals available include a snorkel mask, fins, and stinger suit.


Daydream Island is a haven for dreamers, families, and kids alike. With an extensive range of island activities offered across the island each day. Our sprawling pool scenery, shorelines, tropical rain forest walks, outdoor cinema, and access to boundless fun-filled activities ensure there is something to keep your child entertained throughout your stay.