Along with the beautiful view and calming environments, the Great Barrier Reef has a few epic experiences that you are bound to love!

Here are a few of the exciting choices to choose from:

  1. Scuba Diving

If you've dreamt of a vacation where you can go underwater and explore the world beneath the surface, we have the perfect plans for you. The great barrier reef holidays have a beautiful world-renowned stretch of water that offers you the best Scuba-diving experience!


At Great Barrier Reef Island Resort, you get to enjoy Scuba Diving's great experience while being guided by our resident marine biologists through the restricted areas of the great lagoon, which will give you the best behind-the-scenes look of the living reefs.


First, you receive the theory and pool dives on land by our marine biologists, and once you are brought up to date on the techniques, the Great Barrier Reef awaits you! 


  1. One of a kind Marine Encounters

The beautiful water is just the Great Barrier Reef's surface, but the real beauty lies underneath it and is bound to take your breath away. The Great Barrier Reef houses the most extraordinary sea creatures like Giant Clams, Maori Wrasses, Clown Fish, Potato Cods, Whales, some beautiful sharks like the white tip, blacktip, grey reef, and last but not the least- six mesmerizing turtle species.


Experience these great eight in real life at Daydream Islands and glide with the turtles!


  1. Glide Across the Seas and Paddle it out!

The most generous joys of life are the quality time you spend with your friends and family. Make these moments even more special by paddling across the beautiful seas and enjoy the beautiful view of the fringing coral reefs and the uninhabited islands. When you vacation at the Daydream Island resort, you go around paddling across a scenic, out of the movie looking beach. Visit today and take an epic Great Barrier reef experience while paddling!



  1. Go Sailing Out!

Do you prefer to spend your tours on water? Do the waves calm your nerves? This time experience epic adventures at the Great Barrier Reef and sail around the amazing Whitsundays!


Experience luxury while enjoying lunch with your family and friends aboard a sturdy yacht and take in the stunning and tranquil water. Spend your day swimming, snorkeling, or exploring on the Whitsundays. Let the wind play with your hair while you sail away. Snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef will give you the experience and memory of a lifetime.


  1. The Chopper Ride!

It is rightly said, don’t judge anything from just one angle; observe them all, and make your decision. At the Great Barrier Reef, you don’t just get to go underwater or watch it from the surface point of view, but you get the chance to experience the gorgeous beauty from a chopper too!


Enjoy the scenic and jaw-dropping views from the helicopter rides and watch your worries leave you. Soar over the lush green islands, beautiful coral reefs, and spy the mesmerizing Fitzroy Island and the swaying coconut trees!


Visit the Great Barrier Reefs today and enjoy the experience of vacationing like never before!