Valentine's week is a good time for a vacation, especially island vacations. During the week of Valentine, lovers express their love with presents and parties and find suitable destinations to go and celebrate their love. Wouldn't it be nice to have an island vacation while you're surrounded by tropical plants and animals? Wouldn’t it be beautiful to have a vacation and that too amidst the flora and fauna of an island by the turquoise blue ocean? Daydream Island is the perfect solution to make that a reality. Located in the heart of Queensland Whitsundays Island, Daydream Island resort and Living Reef is the ideal Valentine’s getaway. In this section, we will be looking for reasons to go for an island vacation for the coming Valentine week.

1. Feel The Freedom in Your Body and Mind


On an island holiday, you will be able to experience the exotic flora and fauna alongside a massive water body that is as vast as your eyes can go. With the mesmerizing sunsets and walks on the moonlight beach, you will be able to forget all your worries and celebrate your love with utmost joy. Once you and your partner are there, you should close your eyes and inhale deeply. You will be able to experience all the flavours of the island. You will be able to hear the melody of the ocean, feel the soft sand as you walk along this ocean while the sea breeze gushes through your hair, making you feel liberated. The sense of freedom makes an island vacation one of the best places to go for the Valentines. You will be able to handle the refreshing spirit through all five senses. Such a break is definitely a must-have for the love birds in order to cherish their bonding and love that has been growing over the years.


2. De-Stress Yourself in Nature's Lap


Tired of your daily office work and regular fights with your partner? Do you feel like getting away from all the daily stress? Do you want to express your love once again for your wife or for your husband? If your answer is yes, then you should try spending your Valentine on the beach. Looking at the sea is like practising meditation. It relaxes not only your mind but also your body, helping you feel fresh and rejuvenated. Research has shown that the sound of sea waves and healthy vibes often helps revitalize your brain, heart, and many other organs. You can also indulge in many fun-filled activities on an island vacation which awakens the inner child in you. We assure you that this de-stress will prove you the best as it will bring back all the spark and fill colours of love in your relationship back again.


3. Enjoy Water Sports of All Sort


Do you love water activities and adventures? Are you planning for a secretive Valentine’s trip for your girlfriend/ boyfriend? If yes, then an Island vacation should be your Valentine’s getaway. There is never a shortage of water sports and other water-related activities on islands. If you have never tried water activities before then, you should give it a go. Surrounded by the ocean, great weather, and enjoying water activities with your loved ones, what more can you ask for the best start to this Valentine? If you want to relax, you can also play on the beach and enjoy the sun, or you can even go out for a swim in the ocean or have an experience of relaxing underwater activities.


There are various reasons people prefer to spend their Valentine week in Queensland, and water activities are one of them. An island vacation is something you must consider if you have never been to an island before. You will only face the right island for your Valentine’s holiday.

4. Enjoy The View of the Ocean From Your Room


If you are a newlywed, you can have a great honeymoon experience with an island vacation this Valentine. You can enjoy the views of the ocean from the comfort of your room, and you can spoil your partner with choices. You do not even have to step out of your room to feel close to the sea. Enjoy the in-room dining with your partner and make memories you can save for a lifetime.


If beautiful scenery leaves a lasting impression on your mind, you will love an island vacation. It is a great place to fall in love amidst the green mountains, white beaches, and blue ocean. If you want to spend some quality time with your partner away from the hustle of urban cities, having an island vacation this Valentine is a must-try.


5. Great Weather Throughout the Year


The best thing about an island vacation is that you can experience great weather almost throughout the year. Cities, where we live, are very polluted. If you want to get away from all the pollution and enjoy your holidays getting some sunshine and enjoying outdoor activities, an Island vacation is an ideal choice. Revitalize yourself in the flora and fauna of Daydream Island, which is one of the 74 Islands in the Whitsundays.


We hope you are now sure about places to go for the Valentine. If you want to spend your Valentine on the beach, you should try spending your Valentines week in Queensland. Daydream Island is the key to the perfect new year getaways. With Daydream Island's spacious and modern rooms and suites with beautiful ocean views, you can enjoy your Valentines to the fullest.  It also offers an extensive menu of food and beverages across its three restaurants and bars.