6 reasons why you should go for an island vacation 

Island vacations take the cake if you’ve been seeking a much-needed break away from the monotony and hum-drum of regular routines! There are reasons why most folks prefer islands for scintillating Queensland holidays with the whole brood for company or pals. If you’re already imagining your next holiday, it’s time you get out that calendar and plan for activities to do in the Great Barrier Reef’s heart.

There are picture perfect islands that will give you ample scope for merriment, parties, scintillating sunsets, refreshing waves, sunbathing, relaxing with your favorite beverage and much-needed solitude. Think of it as your own little paradise that you can retreat to for as long as possible. Here are 6 reasons why island sojourns are that much sweeter for everyone-

  1. One-size-fits-all- Indeed, islands are suitable for every traveler and group, irrespective of age and preferences. They are the best places for family vacations where the whole family can unwind in peace. Children will have a ball on the beach, there are watersports, sundowner parties and other activities to keep adults busy while those looking for solitude will find that in abundance too. Islands also make for romantic couples getaways. Imagine strolling hand in hand along a shimmering and picture-perfect coastline? If that doesn’t get your imagination, nothing will! They’re perfect for solo trips, living it up with friends or even (surprise!) brainstorming with the team on a rare workation! There is no trip invented till now that cannot be made more memorable on an island! That’s how universal their appeal still is!
  1. Natural Therapy- We all need that periodic communion with Nature’s Bounty to rediscover ourselves and get some much-needed physical and mental therapy alike. From the mesmerizing views and greenery all around to lovely beaches, sand and cliffs, islands stimulate a spirit of natural healing and therapy while being full of Mother Earth’s surprises at every corner! Get away from it all, the gig, traffic, noise and embrace clean skies and natural healing every step of the way. Visit a beautiful island and let Nature overwhelm and soothe you. You will soon feel de-stressed and completely relaxed, away from the vagaries of your daily hustle.
  2. Spending time with oneself- Island vacations are ideal if you’ve got an inclination towards enjoying your solitude and spending time with yourself a bit as well. Islands give you that sense of wonder, privacy and tranquility that help you tune into your own self. Take your time off, decongest your mind and embrace the natural environment around you. Such relaxation is hard to find elsewhere! A little me-time (in the truest sense of the word) is always recommended. An island is a perfect place to enjoy some of that uninterrupted.
  1. Gorgeous Views- Nowhere else will you enjoy jaw-dropping or panoramic views as island vacations. Gorgeous views will add a whole new dimension to your island vacation, even if you are more inclined towards plonking yourself down on a comfy lounge chair and sipping that Margherita! The stunning views of oceans, clear skies, cliffs, greenery, palm trees and tides will calm your senses while the wind gently lulls you into a sense of comfort and relaxation that you will never find anywhere else. It goes without saying that you will end up taking some of the best pictures ever! Making memories is always memorable when you’re taking that long-due island vacay!
  1. Sheer Versatility- When it comes to versatility, island vacations win hands down! They offer almost everything that you may desire, right from romance and long walks to sunrises, sunsets, moonlight encounters, scintillating cocktails and fresh seafood and even adventure sports, exploration, swimming and more! There are tons of island water sports available like snorkeling, scuba diving and you can even go boating if permitted. Fishing enthusiasts may also have a good time if there are provisions for the same. A beach is always packed with tons of fun activities for the whole gang to indulge in!
  1. Sun & Moon Specials- Coming to the whole point about why island vacays are doubly special- The Sun and Moon! Sounds confusing? Islands are all about picture perfect and splendid sunsets along with glimmering moonlit nights along with sunrise moments that outstrip possibly everything else! Witnessing sunrise, sunset and then the charming moonlit sky is sheer bliss in itself. What more could one ask for? A taste of sheer magic is what we can say by all means!

Whatever you’re planning, taking a trip to the Daydream Island will definitely be worth it. Sun, sand, merriment, solitude, delicious food and beverages and gorgeous vistas come together to create what we call a picture-postcard moment for you! Enjoy the vacation of a lifetime at Daydream Island. Remember to book in advance!