Taking your baby around is one of the best ways to help him become familiar with the world, exercise his developing motor skills, and bond with you. Travelling also allows you to share something positive with other people who are proud of their little ones. But it can also be challenging for a parent to figure out how best to make a trip work, whether short distance or cross-country.

Here are some tips for travelling with baby and making travel easy, effective, and fun!

What to pack for baby’s first trip?

1. First Aid Kit

Take along a first-aid kit to prepare you for minor emergencies on the road with your baby. You'll need to include everything from bandages, safety pins, thermometers, and antiseptic cream. Whether travelling by plane, train, or automobile, a well-stocked kit will help keep your little one healthy and safe. Please keep it simple with an easy-to-carry zipper bag and a few medicinal essentials. Include over-the-counter drugs like acetaminophen (for fever or pain) or ibuprofen (for aches and pains).

2. Sunscreen

Protect your baby from the sun with SPF 30+ sunscreen. Sunscreen helps block the sun's harmful rays from reaching delicate skin, preventing sunburns and helping to prevent skin cancer later in life. Apply it to the backs of his hands and any exposed areas, like his face and ears. Keep the child away from direct sunlight in the peak hours, when UV rays are strongest. Keep the spray away from your baby's face or eyes when using an aerosol sunscreen spray. Apply small amounts of sunscreen to his face and the backs of his hands, or liberally wherever skin is exposed.

3. Baby formula

Bring ready-to-feed formula or premade bottles of formula if you're travelling by plane. Carry a few bottles of ready-to-use formula if your baby isn't breastfeeding. Pack the containers in your carry-on bag to stay cool and avoid leaks during transit. Ask your flight attendant about more relaxed storage space in the aircraft's aft baggage compartment ahead of time.

4. Extra diapers

Your little one may not be able to tell you when he needs a change, so it's up to you to pack enough diapers. Always bring twice as many as you think you'll need—it's better to be safe than to run out and have wet clothes! Pack some trash bags for dirty diapers and diaper rash lotion just in case. If your child is prone to sudden accidents, consider packing a few extra clothes in your carry-on just in case.

5. Entertainment

Nothing will keep a baby entertained longer than a bag of toys. A goody bag filled with soft animals, rattles, teething rings, and other small toys keeps babies occupied during the car.

6. Lightweight stroller

This lightweight baby stroller is easy to use and travel with. It's ideal for newborns who can sit up or for families travelling with just one child. When folded, it locks in place and can be checked at the gate or stored onboard the aircraft. In addition, it has an adjustable canopy that blocks out the sun, rain, and wind while letting babies see the world around them.

7. Extra clothing

Bringing an extra change of clothes for your baby and yourself is highly recommended. You can keep them in your carry-on bag, so they're easily accessible if a leak, spit-up, or other mess happens while travelling.

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