One of the greatest natural wonders of Australia is the Great Barrier Reef which has the largest structure, making it worth visiting. Stretching over 2,300 km down the eastern coastline of Australia, the reef offers abundant coastal experience. In addition, this underwater world is home to different ocean-dwelling creatures.

The rare whale species, mesmerising coral formation, different marine turtle species, and giant clams are the major attractions of this site. So whether you prefer the sunshine of the islands or scuba diving, the Great Barrier Reef is the perfect holiday destination for all ages. 

Things To Do and Places To Visit When You Are in Great Barrier Reef

Travelling to the Great Barrier Reef will give you a lifetime experience you will never forget. The best part of visiting the reef is that you can come with anyone to explore its beauty and learn more about marine creatures. 

Not only this, but finding great accommodations is easy as there are many high-standard hotels in Whitsundays. Here is a list of things you can do and places you can visit on the reef with your family and friends.


Get personal and up close with marine creatures to learn about the ecosystem of this natural hotspot. So, when you visit the Great Barrier Reef, you must experience snorkelling as it is one of the most demanding and popular activities. You need a pair of flippers, a breathing tube, and goggles to get ready for snorkelling. 

Regardless of your swimming ability and fitness, you can enjoy snorkelling here. The place has a wide range of reefs: vast coral reefs are for skilled swimmers, and shallow waters are for beginners. 

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is another exciting activity that you must try when you are in the Great Barrier Reef. It allows you to completely immerse yourself in the world of underwater. The underwater beauty will leave you in awe and allow you to stay close to the ocean creatures. 

Helicopter Flight

Exploring the reef from above will offer you a fantastic experience. You can see the scenic beauty of coral reefs and islands from the top. The breathtakingly appealing turquoise waters and great land masses look more glamorous when you spot them from a height.

Whitehaven Waterside 

The incredible shoreline and picture-perfect scenic view of Whitehaven waterside are something you must witness in your life. Counted as one of the most incredible coasts in Australia of crystal clear water. Visitors can relax on the shoreline while enjoying the fantastic green and blue waters. You can also hike, snorkel, or scuba dive to get your adrenaline high. 


Cairns is teeming with its blue lagoon, Atherton Tablelands, Esplanade, and Botanical garden, which are excellent places to explore. In addition, you must hop on Hartley's Crocodile Adventures and Kuranda Scenic Railway while in Cairns. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is another fantastic place you can visit in Cairns.

Whitsundays Islands

The Whitsundays Islands are another fantastic point in the reef which consists of 74 stunning tropical islands. The place offers six national parks with eco retreats, numerous housing resorts, and campsites. You can go on a sailing, scuba diving, or cruise trip according to your preferences.

To enjoy nature's beauty in solitude, visit the Great Barrier Reef once. The reef's diverse aquatic creatures and awestruck beauty attract millions of tourists every year. So whether you want to come with your family or plan a romantic trip, the place has something for every visitor. 

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