Christmas Day is just a few days away and you must be teeming with excitement at the thought of enjoying a lovely holiday with your family and friends. But what about trying something new this holiday season and making your Christmas experience even greater? Well, here's what you can do - take a Xmas island trip.


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Sounds tempting? Surely it does! If you are someone who is used to a wintry Christmas day spent traditionally decorating a Christmas tree and baking cookies with your loved ones then spending your holiday on an island will be the most unique experience for you. But why should you spend your Christmas on an island this year? Here are a few reasons why -

A Warm Christmas

Do you always associate Christmas with chilly weather and snow? If so, you can witness an entirely different sort of Christmas on a tropical island where December days are warm and cosy. Unlike each year, this Christmas you can ditch your sweaters and take a revitalizing sunbathe while enjoying a refreshing mocktail.

Super fun Beach Activities

It is quite unlikely that you have ever spent your Christmas on a sunny beach enjoying a fun time with your close ones. Playing outdoor games or simply soaking in the gorgeous view of the sea, you can do it all during your Christmas on an island. If you have kids in your family you have a bigger reason to take an island trip as they will have the time of their lives running around the beach and spending their holidays in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

Water Sports

Have you ever imagined that you will get to go Jet Skiing during Christmas? Just imagine how amazing your holidays are going to be as you enjoy a variety of watersports and bathe in the cerulean waters of the ocean.


Christmas and fresh seafood, we agree, are not the usual combinations for a Christmas meal. But that is what makes it so much more appealing as this Christmas you can enjoy your favourite seafood while overlooking gorgeous coral reefs and lagoons.

Christmas at Daydream Island

Located in Whitsundays, Australia, Daydream Island is the perfect place to spend your Christmas. This small yet breathtakingly beautiful island will prove true to its name and make sure that your Christmas is as exquisite as a daydream. The perfect place to spend an island Christmas, this gorgeous place promises you many things that you can enjoy during your stay. Read about why you must visit Daydream island for your vacation.


Snorkelling at Living Reef Lagoon

Witnessing the rich biodiversity at the Living Reef Lagoon is an experience you will never forget. Join a marine biologist for a Guided Living Reef Snorkel tour and enjoy the mesmerizing sight of a plethora of sea organisms such as tropical fishes, rays, and reef sharks from up close.


Exploring the Lush rainforests

Daydream Island is renowned for its dense and lush rainforests. The magical forest of mesmerizing beauty covers a side of the island. Tourist getaways to the rainforest are extremely rewarding as the place is stunning to look at with its rich flora and fauna. Exploring the rainforest is free of cost and you can easily do so on foot. There is a dedicated platform for the tourists from where they can enjoy an amazing view of the entire forest and feel close to mother Nature.


Off-island tours

Daydream Island also allows you to explore the neighbouring areas. For instance, you can take a Jet Ski tour around the Whitsundays or go on a Whitehaven Beach helicopter tour. You can also enjoy a reef scenic helicopter tour and a full-day tour of the Great Barrier Reef. There is no dearth of enjoyable activities while you are on Daydream Island.


At Daydream Island, the best Queensland island resorts, spend your Christmas and New Year like never before.