The Home Of Versatile Cuisines

Daydream Island Resort & Living Reef is a top destination for all those looking to have a great time enjoying outdoor activities, exploring the coral lagoons and reefs, getting up close with marine life and enjoying the best of natural splendour, fantastic living and dining experiences and a plethora of activities. Coming to the versatility of its cuisines and in-house restaurants/bars, Daydream Island Resort will offer you plenty of options that will make your stay doubly memorable, to say the least!

You can try the Graze Interactive Dining restaurant, which offers incredible weekend seafood buffets for patrons. Try the fabulous fresh cold and hot seafood dishes that will please foodies immensely! If you’re looking for something more casual and exciting, attempt to swim up to the Barefoot Bar. This uniquely themed outdoor bar offers a mélange of cocktails and beverages, located centrally within the resort’s unique pool landscape and surrounded by delightful gardens. Barefoot Bar is an outdoor bar for supreme relaxation and maybe enjoying cool ice cream as well! The variety continues with Bar Rumba, the specialty rum inspired bar which is located at the island’s southern end. More than 20 rum types are available at this innovative joint, offering a spectacular view of the mainland and Whitsundays alike. You can simply relax beside the poolside with a glass of your favourite beverage or rum cocktail. For a hearty breakfast or a lazy lunch, Graze Interactive Dining is also your best bet!

Infinity Restaurant is the supreme Asian inspired dining experience that offers gorgeous Whitsunday Island views for company! The views aside, this restaurant comes with its own private Teppanyaki suite as well! The dining experience is a sheer treat for your senses. Savour the best of Asian cuisine and seafood at this incredible restaurant. The Inkstone Kitchen & Bar offers fantastic and contemporary Australian and European cuisines. Get prepared to be blown away with the beachfront location, overlooking the pool, and the expansive a la carte menu that has global picks and local favourites alike!

The fun continues at the specialty gin bar or Tonic Bar which is a fantastic place for your gin and tonic before heading out to dinner at the numerous restaurants on Daydream Island. The classic vibe and spectacular views of the islands will motivate you to start relaxing and rejuvenating with your loved ones for the company. Enjoy the ambience courtesy of the wonderful bar menu on offer. The Lovers Cove is one of the gorgeous locations on Daydream Island, known for its glimmering and unbelievably romantic sunsets. The views of the beautiful waters of the Whitsundays are simply stunning, along with the location on the coral beach. This is one of the most popular romantic locations on the island, complete with cold beverages, delicious nibbles and an extensive menu for the company as you watch the sun go down spectacularly!

When it comes to Daydream Island Resort, there’s no dearth of options, to say the least! With the sheer variety of cuisines from comfort food and seafood to Asian, Australian and even European delicacies, the sky is the limit for true gastronomes and foodies looking to indulge their taste buds while on holiday!