5 Things You Should Know

Daydream Islands resort is a place where everybody is welcomed with open arms. It is a place where both adults and children can have fun as it has something to offer for everybody. It is one of the best family holiday destinations, where enjoyment is unlimited.


It’s a place where one can celebrate every life event, be it weddings, special events, or life itself. At Daydream Island resort, we also have a range of childcare options to ensure that your kids are cared for with love and attention.


Don’t believe us? Here are five solid reasons which will make your kids fall in love with our kid’s club. Dive into the fantastic world of Daydream Island Kids Club, where you are valued and cared for.


5 reasons why you should invest in the Daydream Island Kids Club:


  1. Comfortable age group:

Our kid's club program is available for kids of the age group 4-12 years. We have a complete program that includes games and fun activities for toddlers and children that enriches their learning experiences and enhances their knowledge.


You kids shall have a gala time with us.  Here, they can make new friends while investing their energy in fun activities. Programs curated for kids change daily to break the monotony and generate enthusiasm. The programs for kids are tailor-made so that they suit the ages of all attending children.


  1. Interactive activities:

Your children shall spend time in activities like fish feeding, coral collecting, rainforest wildlife walk, beach sports, and scavengers’ hunts. What’s more? We know how kids love getting their hands dirty in artistic and creative acts like arts and crafts and have specially curated programs with similar activities.  We ensure that the children are entertained throughout their stay with us. We plan fun activities like watching movies, kite making, and more such interactive and engaging activities.


  1. Flexible session timings:

The kids club has two sessions, and this will help you plan your day better. The first is the morning session conducted between 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. The second session is the afternoon conducted between 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm. A small break between 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm shall be a lunch break. The sessions include morning and afternoon tea.


  1. Affordable prices:

At Daydream Island resort, we care for your children and provide value-efficient experience. Our affordable program packages give parents the benefit of saving and their children the benefit of learning. The package starts from $50 per session for a single kid and exceeds $170 per session for up to 4 children.


  1. Easy bookings:

As parents, you want to see your children happy, while we want the same for you! To make the experience convenient, we have the most comfortable booking facilities. Now parents can surprise their children by gifting them a day at the best island resort. All the payments made by you shall be kept transparent, and charges will only be taken as per room charge.


Note: if your child has any allergies or medical history, it should be made transparent and clear by the parents beforehand to avoid any unfortunate circumstance.


So, book now and watch your kids have the time of their life at Daydream Island Kids Club.