Here are some amazing facts

9 Amazing Facts About The Great Barrier Reef


Great Barrier Reef is one of the best tourist attraction places in Australia. The reef is home to many spectacular marine creatures. Great Barrier Reef is known as one of the rich ocean habitats where you can relax and have a wonderful time. The reef offers stunning views and helps the visitors to escape away from their daily life. These amazing facts will surely blow up right in your mind.


Here are some amazing facts about the Great Barrier reef:


  1. It is the world's largest Reef barrier:

The Great Barrier Reef consists of more than 2,800 reefs spread throughout 800 small islands. It is so massive that one can see it from space.


  1. Some of the reefs are million years old:

Most of the reefs are up to 10 million years old. Nowadays, corals get formed over these reefs.


  1. Creatures from history are present:

The great barrier reef is a home for many marine creatures, and some of these creatures are unique and have remained unchanged from the past 100 million years. The nautilus is one such creature, who is a distant cousin to the squid.


  1. The reef is facing threats:

Most of the reefs in the islands are struggling to survive because of the constant climate change. With the increase in pollution and rising sea temperatures, the coral has become more susceptible to bleaching. An increase in use by humans is also one of the reasons, as people touch and damage the parts of the reef or contaminate the ocean with pollutants, threatening the corals' existence. It is important to protect our natural wonderland.


  1. You can swim with the Great 8:

The Great 8 are the world's most iconic marine creatures. You can swim with them and find them if you pay attention. The best way to encounter them is through Snorkelling.


  1. The reef has world famous dive locations:

Great Barrier Reef offers the most attractive diving locations in the world. The visitors can swim with the whales, or watch a shark feeding frenzy,  depending on the time of the year. The visitors can even drift with manta rays.


  1. Corals spawn at the Great Barrier reef:

The incredible phenomenon of coral reproduction takes when the right conditions get met after a full moon. All the coral family can synchronize, where every polyp releases its genetic matter into the water, creating a scene reminiscent of a snowstorm. It leaves deposits on the surface of the water that is visible even from space.


  1. More than two million tourists visit the Great Barrier Reef every year:

The Great Barrier Reef and the memorable experiences at the reef attract many tourists from all over the world. According to a study, tourism contributes 10 billion dollars a year to the Australian economy.


  1. One can volunteer at the Great Barrier reef:

One can help ensure that the reef survives for generations to come by volunteering here. At Daydream Island Resort, we try our best to promote ecotourism.