Queensland's natural beauty is indeed breathtaking, with over 1,000 habitat types and five World Heritage-listed locations. The Whitsundays' white sand islands dot azure waters, the Great Barrier Reef's vibrant coral springs to live with fishes and turtles, and the Daintree Rainforest's beautiful green canopy shimmering in the sunlight are some of them. Queensland is the second-largest and third-most populated Australian state, located in northeastern Australia.

Queensland's physical characteristics and temperatures are numerous due to its vastness, with tropical rainforests, rivers, coral reefs, mountain ranges, and beautiful beaches in its tropical and subtropical coastal areas, as well as deserts and savanna in its semi-arid and desert climatic zones.

Queensland is a place where you can have the time of your life but before visiting there, let's explore some facts about Queensland!

  1.  Queensland is a grand state!

Queensland is Australia's second largest state, with 1,727,000 square kilometres. Queensland is almost 5 times the size of Japan, 7 times the size of the United Kingdom, and two-thirds the size of Texas.

  1.  Royal sized industries

Peanuts, bananas, pineapples, cotton, sugar cane, and wool are just a few of the major businesses, many of which you can explore. Queensland's major industry is tourism and hospitality.

  1.  The GREAT Barrier Reef Marine park

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park runs for 2300 kilometres along Queensland's coast, encompassing a space greater than the United Kingdom, Holland, and Switzerland combined, or half of Texas. If you have a sports fanatic in the car, tell them you can fit 70 million Suncorp Stadiums in the same amount of room.

  1. Birdsville Race

Every September, the remote village of Birdsville celebrates the world's largest race party, with more than 7,000 visitors arriving for the great Birdsville Races. According to the local camper owner, the rapid tourist rise means an annual need for resources and a lot of fun!

  1.  Fauna diversity

Queensland boasts the most animal diversity of any province in the nation due to its diverse habitats and geographic location with respect to species migrations. Queensland is home to more than 70 species of marsupials, ranging from the enormous red kangaroo to tiny marsupial mice, as well as a diverse range of possums, including the cuscus. Bats and rats abound, as do approximately 80 snake species, more than 150 lizard species, and saltwater and freshwater crocodiles. Two enormous flightless birds, the emu of open land and the cassowary of the northern rainforests are among the hundreds of bird species. The colourful array of aquatic life on coral reefs and the distinctive freshwater lungfish are just a few of the many fish found in the area.

So here are Queensland interesting facts that will make you book your tickets right now! But if you are wondering what will be the perfect location to stay in Queensland then we got you!

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