Vacations are always better when you have your family by your side. Here's why Daydream Island is a unique family resort!

Vacations are always better when you have your family by your side to make unforgettable memories together.

Daydream Island family resorts are the perfect vacation spot for you and here’s why:

  1. It has something for everyone

When you go for a vacation as a family, one thing that is bound to bother you is whether you will find something to do for everyone. Every member of the family may have a choice of their own when it comes to a trip or vacation. Daydream Island resorts have everything for you! From cliffs to beaches, to even a jungle! You get to experience the beautiful sunset at the best family resort on Sunshine Coast and explore the beautiful marine life beneath the surface of the mesmerizing water at the Great Barrier Reef resorts for family.

Vacations are all about enjoying and relaxing. At the Daydream Island Resort, there’s something for everyone!


  1.  A great opportunity to bond even better

Vacations and family trips are all about taking a much-needed break from your busy schedule and spend some quality time with your loving family. Holidays are the perfect escape to bond with your family. What’s a better opportunity than fun activities at a beautiful place like Daydream Island resort?

At Daydream Island resort, you get to enjoy various exciting activities with your families like exploring marine life, snorkeling, Scuba diving, and experiencing firsthand the coral reefs' beauty! From the beaches to the life beneath the water, you can enjoy it all with your family.


  1. From Kids Club to Day Spa, enjoy it all!

When you go on a vacation, your priority is to relax and enjoy it. It is very important during a holiday that everyone gets to enjoy themselves in their own time with people their age. How you cannot expect to take your kid to a bar, you will not enjoy your best time in a kid’s club. This is why Daydream Island has something to offer to everyone! So while you enjoy a relaxing day at our in-house Day Spa, your child gets to enjoy their day in our fun and safe Kids Club with lots of fun activities.



  1. The great dining options to experience one of a kind luxury!

When it comes to beautiful scenic views, a lively and calming environment, and a picturesque vacation all together, the only piece required to make it reach a whole circle is a good dining option. Here’s why Daydream Island is a unique family resort! We don’t just offer one kind of diner, but you get to enjoy various themed fine dining and lunch options like the Christmas day lunch and dining, The beautiful inkstone kitchen and bar, Graze interactive dining, the infinity restaurant and many more!


Explore the luxury of vacation like never before at the Daydream Island family resort and enjoy a unique stay with us.