A complete checklist of things to look for in a kid-friendly resort

Most resorts will claim that they are kid-friendly. In

general, that means they offer a pool facility, or they don't charge extra for

kids, or they may give your kids stuffed toys upon arrival at the resort. Well,

these things may help, but that doesn't mean that the resort is truly a kid-friendly

one. So, how to choose the best kid-friendly resorts on the Gold Coast? Here

are some tips that can assist you with this.


Check For Slides and Swimming Pools

When choosing kid-friendly resorts Gold Coast, always

choose a resort that has water play areas, waterslides, water rides, multiple

pools, and more. Such facilities will keep your kids happy for hours. Not only

this, but your kid will get a chance to mingle and play with other kids; securely

and joyfully. If that’s what you are searching for, then Daydream Island Resort

& Living Reef can be your excellent choice.


A Safe Beach

A swimmable and kid-safe beach will be a bonus for you. While

looking for this facility, contact the resort and find out whether they offer a

snorkeling facility, offer beachside toys, such as spades, buckets, shapes, and

beach flying rings to play with at a sandy beach.


Open Space

Not all resorts are spacious enough. Throughout your quest

for the best Queensland holiday

destinations for your kids, make

sure that the resort you pick, has its own lawn area or kid's play area. Even

though there are no kid-oriented activities, an open space will enhance your

kid holidays enjoyment.



Choosing the right room for you is very crucial. Some features

such as the bed size and the room accessibility and view cannot be compromised!  A suitable bed for your kids to relax on

would be pleasing; a baby cot or crib if you have an infant is a must too.  Check with the resort if they provide such

things or not.


Kids Club

It will be better for you if you book a resort that has a kids

club; with a nursery sometimes. When you want to enjoy some alone and relaxing

time, a kids club can be your savior. Well, most resorts now have kids' clubs,

for example, Daydream Island Resort & Living Reef. Some also have fun

adventure zones for kids with vigilant staff. However, before booking, it is

advisable to check the age limit.



When you are not in the mood to go out, you and your kids

will need something to keep you occupied and engaged during the vacation. While

it is crucial that the kid-friendly resorts Gold Coast should

have some fun activities to keep your kids engaged, the resort also must have

some activities for adults. For example, for kids, pottery and puppet-making

activities could be a good option, and for adults, they can relax in an

in-house spa or go trekking, safaris, aqua zorbing, and many other entertaining

grownup activities.

Keep these things in mind, and you can easily find the best

kid-friendly resorts on the Gold Coast for your next family vacation. Well, for

the best experience, you can always book Daydream Island Resort & Living Reef.