Coral Reefs are an integral part of the valuable ecosystem on planet Earth. These Coral reefs, under ecological tourism, are widely known for attracting millions of tourists annually, which in turn yields meaningful economic benefits to the domestic economies. It is said, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, that recreation and eco-friendly tourism amounts to $9.6 billion of the Global net profit of Coral Reefs. Unfortunately, the recent rapid degradation of the Coral Reefs has started threatening the large amount of revenue generated by it. This loss in ecotourism has an adverse effect on not just the Coral-reefs, but also on various other aspects of the environment, including lost employment opportunities.

Here are a few reasons as to why it is vital to promote ecotourism!

  1. It increases awareness

In the past few years, there has been an increase in the complaints regarding the degradation of coral reefs and how this is hurting our environment. Despite the constant presence of various environmentalists, people are still not conscious of the severe issues Coral reefs are facing. It is no hidden fact that usually, people are more likely to understand the importance of taking care of the Coral reefs, once they get to experience their beauty themselves.  Eco-tourism would promote a one on one interaction of the public with the coral reefs; awareness can be spread on a more personal and more extensive base.

  1. The revenue created can be used to promote their welfare

Promoting eco-tourism is bound to bring in revenue in generous amounts. This revenue can further be utilized to better the condition of the Coral Reefs. Every business requires investment to help it flourish. Increased eco-tourism would result in the resort owners and the government compelled to invest in safeguarding the Coral Reefs.

  1. The increased tourism promotes conscious prevention of their exploitation

It is no joke that the coral reefs are being subjected to arbitrary degradation and ruthless exploitation. One of the only ways to prevent these beauties is to promote eco-tourism. Once the people get to experience the condition of the coral reefs first hand, it is possible that it won’t just create awareness, but also promote conscious efforts on behalf of all the individuals to prevent their exploitation.


Increased eco-tourism would promote awareness and conscious efforts to safeguard the Coral reefs, not just on the part of a tourist, but also the regular population.


  1. Healthy coral reefs support commercial and subsistence fisheries

According to recent studies, it has been established that approximately half of the federally managed fisheries are dependent on Coral Reefs for a portion of their life cycles. Increased eco-tourism would promote healthier coral reefs, and hence, they’ll support commercial and subsistence fisheries even better.

  1. Healthy coral reefs support jobs and businesses through tourism and recreation

Increased eco-tourism is bound to attract a larger number of tourist attractions to observe the mesmerizing Coral Reefs. In turn, they increase job opportunities and benefit the environment as a whole!


Coral Reefs don’t just help the ecological system, but increased eco-tourism would promote every aspect of human life!