Daydream Living Reef

Some attractions need to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Many of them are natural attractions, which fill us with awe and wonder at the magnificence and the unparalleled beauty of nature and this Earth. Australia’s  living reef aquariums and other lagoons are part of a mélange of such key attractions at the amazing Daydream Island resort and spa accommodation on the Whitsundays in Queensland.

While there are numerous fun activities at Daydream Island, ranging from Whitsunday Islands snorkelling, Great Barrier reef guided tours, helicopter or sailboat tours, ocean rafting, golfing, snorkelling Whitsundays with marine biologists, and spa sessions, you will love exploring the Living Reef that is a part of this tranquil and pristine island resort. You are sure to feel as though you are living in a daydream!

The Daydream Island Resort & Living Reef is situated at the very heart of the Whitsundays and is one of the premier resorts for families in this part of Queensland. The Living Reef is the key attraction of the resort, a uniquely tailored coral lagoon that neatly wraps 200 meters around the resort’s central building and comprises a whopping 1.5 million litres of water! The Living Reef accommodates more than 100 marine life species along with more than 80 species of coral and several invertebrates like sea cucumbers, starfish and crabs. The resort also offers a pool landscape cutting through the tropical gardens throughout the resort where  guests may swim and enjoy gorgeous views of the Whitsundays Great Barrier Reef.

The Living Reef offers  several activities  for guests to get up, close and personal with the enchanting marine life on display. There is the Underwater Observatory, taking visitors around 4m beneath the surface and a big 7 x 3 m window where they can view marine life in a spectacular manner. Then there is the Education Center with its 8 living displays that showcases several habitats, ranging from corals to mangroves and its nifty theatrette along with the highly interactive touch pool. This centre is also one of its kind. There are resident marine biologists at the resort who will share their knowledge and passion with guests and their services may be pre-booked with ease.

The Exploration Center looks onto the main lagoon of the Living Reef, comprising touch tanks and fabulous exhibits.  The Underwater  Observatory wins special acclaim for its above-mentioned acrylic window and you can spot fish, lobsters and other enchanting creatures venturing about their business. Guided fish feeding is another special activity. You can feed fish in the Whitsundays, feeding tidbits to stingrays, learning more about what tropical fish love eating, and even feeding a sea star.

This guided experience is worth taking time out for! The guided aquarium tour named Stingray Splash is another major attraction! Guests may join baby stingrays in the Living Reef itself and this is followed up with an intriguing talk and a refreshing guided tour through the Underwater Observatory. Resident marine biologists can also accompany you on a guided snorkelling tour of the Living Reef where you get up close and personal with rays, reef sharks and a huge variety of fish.

So don’t miss an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime - come to the Whitsundays and live the Daydream Living Reef experience!