Most Popular Activities At The Great Barrier Reef. Here are the best things to do...

Great Barrier Reef is one of the best tourist attraction places in Australia. The reef is home to much marine life. Great Barrier Reef is known as one of the rich ocean habitats where you can relax and have a wonderful time. The reef offers stunning views and helps you to escape away from your daily life. The great barrier reef activities provide fun and thrill and attract more visitors every year. There are a variety of activities that you can enjoy at the reef.



Here are the best things to do at the Great Barrier reef:


  1. Snorkeling:

Snorkelling is the most popular activity at the Great Barrier Reef, where you can get close to marine life and learn more about the ecosystem. The guests take the feel of the whole new world when they duck under the ocean.  You can watch the colourful fishes and beautiful coral system underwater by only grabbing a breathing tube and goggles. The great barrier reef has a range of reefs with shallow and deep waters that covers you if you don't know swimming. You can also select the reef according to your choice with the ones that feature unique animals like turtles or dugongs.


  1. Scuba diving:

Scuba diving is similar to snorkelling, where the visitors can explore the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef. While scuba diving, you can immerse yourself fully in the underwater world by going deeper inside without worrying about going to the surface. It is an excellent activity for nonswimmers as the oxygen tank helps you glide through the water.


  1. Fly in a Helicopter:

You can explore the Great Barrier Reef from a helicopter flight that allows you to view the tiny islands from a totally different perspective. The view of the ocean is mesmerizing and is a once in a lifetime experience. The iconic natural wonder that you get to view will be the best experience you will ever have. The spots worth visiting are the heart reef,


  1. Reef cruises:

The Great Barrier Reef offers many cruises and trips to explore the attractions. There are Full-day, and half-day trips cruises that also provide the visitors equipped reef pontoons that provide easy access to water. If you choose the full day cruise tour, it also includes the buffet lunch, and you can again dive in the water.


  1. Magnetic island:

The Great Barrier Reef's magnetic island is trendy among the visitors for its secluded bays, beautiful beaches, and resident koalas.  It provides a home to many creatures such as the nesting sea turtles and wallaroos. The island is also known as Maggie Island, and you can take your vehicle on the ferry to the island.


These are just some of the activities that you can do at the Great Barrier reef. Some other activities include hiking along the forest, exploring the historic forts, and kayaking. You can also relax with the spa treatments and shop at local markets.