We are all party animals and indeed want to take some time off and relax in the best resort and spend some time with our friends and family. If you are searching for a place to do this, our daydreamer club is the best option for you to join. Surely we need to woo you with the help of evidence so here are five reasons why joining and becoming a part of Daydreamers Club is a onetime opportunity for you.


Top reasons why you need to be a part of Daydreamer Club


  1. The luxurious stay

When it comes to choosing and finding the best resorts, the first thing everyone desires is the perfect stay. Is it going to be comfortable enough for them, are there options for several activities and facilities, these are some of the questions raised. Well, Daydreamer Club presents all of it for you. Want a luxurious stay with every single amenity presented right next to you? Worry not, because Daydreamer Club has the solution for you. Their service is top notch and when it comes to keeping the guests happy, no one does it better than us!


  1. Lip smacking food

Good time and food go hand in hand. Supposedly you have a luxurious stay but the food served is not up to the mark. Would it be a rightful investment? Surely not. This is where we stand above the rest. At Daydream Island resorts, you can enjoy different flavorful cuisines at our exclusive restaurants.


  1. Top activities

No one likes to stay inside the room for their entire stay. Become a part of the daydreamer club and enjoy all the amazing activities at our resort. At Daydream Island resort, you can enjoy both water and land activities as we have a great range of experiences available on the island.


  1. The location

One place where we are well ahead in customer experience is the location of our resort. Daydream Island resort is located at the heart of the great barrier reef, which allows you to take a peek at it right from your room’s window.



So what are you waiting for? If you are still not a part of the Daydreamer Club, here is your golden ticket to be one. With amazing amenities and services, Daydreamer Club presents the right need to their travellers from all around the world.


Become a member today and receive the following benefits:

  • 15% off accommodation booked through the website

  • Exclusive accommodation packages and offers

  • VIP benefits


Become a daydreamer, join the club!