What is a beach bum personality?

What is a beach bum and how do you know if you are one? This article will answer all your questions about beach bum living.

First, it is important to clarify that the term "beach bum" does not indicate the people who are actually homeless. That unfortunate scenario is not something to make light of. When we talk about a beach bum, we do so with an endearing implication.  The literal context of the term signifies an idle person who loafs at the beach. It indicates a person who has a strong inclination towards beach life and enjoys living at or near the beach in an untroubled and jovial manner.

A beach bum is usually a free-spirited person in their 20’s or 30’s, who prefer to spend most of their days under the sun and in the water. This person is likely to own a house on or near the beach.

What is a beach bum life, you may ask? This term specifies the manner of living enjoyed by a person who is a proclaimed beach bum. Let us now talk about the various signs that can help you find out if you are a beach bum.

  • Your favorite season is Summer- Every person may have a different preference when it comes to seasons. Some may enjoy the snow, others may be enchanted by Spring flowers. But when it comes to a beach bum, the only answer they will stick to is the summer. Most people may resent the hot weather and the humidity, but not a beach bum. So the first sign that indicates whether or not you are a beach bum is your appreciation of the summer weather.
  • You strongly believe in vitamin sea- Everyone has a particular comfort zone that they turn to when they feel low. For a beach bum, the beach and the sea are the only comfort zones they need. Even if they feel unwell, a quick trip to the beach will miraculously heal them. Under the sun and in the water is where a beach bum feels most alive.
  • Being barefoot does not bother you- Most children are scolded for running around without wearing any shoes. However, for a beach bum, being barefoot is both comfortable and liberating. Such a person may enjoy going to the beach simply because they can walk around barefoot.
  • You do not mind sand in your hair- Most people find it terribly bothersome to have saltwater and sand in their hair. But this does not even cross the mind of a beach bum. In fact, he or she may find the effects of seawater on their hair as fascinating.
  • You enjoy shopping for swimsuits throughout the year- If you find yourself attracted to the swimwear section every time you go shopping; it is likely that you are a beach bum. Beach bums love collecting swimsuits and stocking up for when they go to the beach. A beach bum will shop for swimsuits even in the winter. This proves economical as well owing to the drop in prices during the off-season.
  • Seafood is your favorite- Sure; many people can have a liking for seafood without being a beach bum. However, when it comes to beach bums, the mere mention of seafood will entice and excite them. For them, seafood is preferred over all other foods. For them, nothing is more palatable than a lobster.
  • All your vacations are to the beach- Hill stations and historical places make up an acceptable itinerary. For a beach bum, however, no vacation is complete without a visit to the beach. They are incredibly careful about selecting a vacation location that involves a beach.

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This article contains the traditional attributes of a typical beach bum. This will allow you to develop your perspective and understand whether you are indeed a beach bum. The meaning attached to being a beach bum may be different to different people. Customarily, a beach bum is a person who can be found at or near the beach at all hours, living a spontaneous and unconstrained life, and having a laid-back and abstracted outlook towards life.