Without Damaging The Coral Reef

Coral reefs form the most beautiful part of the seawater ecosystem. Formed from calcium carbonate secreted by coral organisms, coral reefs serve as a huge tourist attraction. Many people dive and snorkel in the seawater just to get a glimpse of the fantastic water organisms.

But little do we know that our activities do severe damage to coral reefs. Subjecting the coral reefs to constant touch and push damages the coral reefs. It hampers their growth and causes them to decay.

Coral reefs are sensitive as they stay underwater their whole life. Subjecting them to foreign objects like human touch and paddles often damage them. Activities like snorkelling and scuba diving trigger the damage to coral reefs.

Here Are Some Ways to Snorkel Without Damaging Coral Reef

  1. Maintain Distance

This is one of the most effective ways of snorkelling without damaging the coral reef. Always make sure that you maintain a certain distance from the coral reef underwater. Ensure that your legs or fins do not come in contact with the reef while you are swimming. Maintaining a distance of at least 8-9 inches will ensure that the coral reefs remain unharmed.

  1. Do Not Touch the Coral Reefs

Touching the coral reefs by hands or feet will stop their growth & hamper them. Therefore, avoid touching them at all times. While snorkelling, make sure that you do not go deep down to touch or feel the reefs. Avoid plucking them out to keep as a souvenir. They are best when kept in their natural habitat. It is best advised to adore their beauty from far away for their good.

  1. Swim in A Proper Way

Swimming in the proper way is essential to ensure the safety of the coral reefs. While snorkelling or diving, keep your body streamlined. Do not throw your hands or feet around without any reason. It will make the stream of the water disorganised. The water will then hit the reefs differently and harm the reef. It is necessary to follow the proper rules of swimming to ensure your and coral’s safety.


  1. Do Not Chase the Marine Life

Coral reefs are often the home for some small fishes. So, while snorkelling, always be mindful to not chase any marine life. Chasing marine life will make them panic to hide quickly and, in the process, they can hit the coral reef. It will impart severe damage to both the marine life & coral reefs. Therefore, it is essential that while snorkelling, you only observe anything. Do not engage in any attempt to chase or feed marine life. You should do it only if you are in guidance of a certified instructor.


Snorkelling provides an opportunity to explore underwater organisms. It enables you to explore the marine life which you have only seen in videos or pictures. Therefore, you need to be very mindful of this opportunity. Educate yourself to ensure that you do not disrupt the underwater environment. Following these steps will help you protect the coral reefs.