Solo travel is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do exactly what you want, without having to rely on others. It's an opportunity to break free and do something else. At the same time, it's fascinating, exciting, and challenging. You learn a lot about yourself while also learning a lot about the place.

However, no matter how exciting or amusing solo travel may sound, many of us still find it to be a frightening task. When we consider travelling alone, a lot of questions come to mind almost immediately: is it safe? Will it be tedious? Will it be sufficient? We all want to experience the thrill of going it alone, but we also want to stay secure. Here are some short recommendations for making your first solo island resort trip memorable.

Solo Travel Tips


1- Obtain all pertinent information

To obtain a sense of the place, ask inquiries at reception. In the restaurants, are there any communal tables? Is there a special greeting for single travellers? Where are the resort's peaceful areas? Ask the questions that will provide you with the information you require for the experience you desire.

2- Proceed to the welcoming desk

Because many resort vacations begin and end on Saturdays, welcoming receptions or, at the very least, Happy Hours are sometimes held. You should be visible from the start if you want your resort holiday to be social. This is also a good time to look for other single travellers.

3- Breakfast should be eaten during the busiest or least busy period of the day

This, too, is dependent on your objectives. Do you wish to be alone? If you go when it's not packed, you'll be able to get a table to yourself. Do you want to meet new people? When it's crowded, you'll have to sit with someone. They might wind up being friends for a week.

4-Book your accommodation in advance

Plan your journey so that you arrive at the destination well before sunset. The goal is to be on time for check-ins so you can relax and enjoy yourself. Book your lodging for the first day, if not the entire trip, so you know where you need to go.

5- Take some time to yourself

Don't forget to spend some time alone. A little quiet time is good for everyone, whether you find a cabana at the end of the beach or read on your balcony.

6- Join one of the day tours

Going to a resort by yourself does not imply that you must spend all of your time there. Excursions outside of the resort are available at most resorts. If you take one, you'll not only enjoy the trip, but you'll also meet other guests at the resort, whom you might meet for dinner or a drink later in the day. This is the best solo trip to the island idea.

7- Take part in activities

Island resort offers activities such as beach volleyball, scuba driving, and learning the fundamentals of a local trade. Find out what they are and participate in them.

8- Give yourself a treat

Everyone enjoys getting massages, but they don't usually do so at home. When you are at a resort and have time on your hands, always get a massage or a facial or anything like. Whenever you solo travel to an island do try this massage almost all the resorts offer them!