A beach is a magical place to relax, but those people who are lucky enough to find themselves on the sandy shores of a tropical paradise should remember that they’re not alone. There are likely other people in the vicinity, so one needs to be respectful of the beachgoers and beach bum around them. Here we’ve created an etiquette guide for the beach that includes 5 unwritten rules of beach etiquette.

Dos and don’ts on the beach.

1. Lower down your noise

The beach is the perfect spot to relax, recharge, and take in the views. However, be mindful of those around you. If you are visiting a famous beach or one that doesn’t receive as many visitors, you should always keep your noise levels down. You don't have to act like you're in a library; however, try not to disturb other visitors during your island resort's vacation. If you are with a group of people, try to make sure that everything from the speaker's sound to your voice is kept at a reasonable level. Not only will it ensure that everyone has a better experience, but it's less likely that the locals will think negatively about tourists based on your actions. You can also bring headphones. Often, noise-cancelling headphones can be a lifesaver. They can help you reduce the noise of your fellow passengers or escape the chatter and sound effects of a crying baby or any of the exterior noise.

2. Do not smoke in the crowd

Smoking on the beach is a common scenario. People are eager to relax and have a nicotine break while basking in the sun's warm rays and lighting up their cigarettes. A lot of times, they'll look around - probably seeking approval from other smokers - before leaning over to light up their cigarette on the sand. It’s often an automatic reaction to relaxation, and it takes more willpower than many people possess to resist the temptation. Still, that doesn’t make it right. People who visit beaches with hopes of relaxation should also expect to do so without having to breathe secondhand smoke. This is because the wind can make your smoke harder to notice and smell and can disturb the rest of the crowd.

3. Enjoy your drink but don’t lose your sense

Drinking on the beach is cool. It’s relaxing, fun and a great way to unwind and destress oneself. Whether you’re sipping on a cool cocktail or hanging out with friends, enjoying a cold beer or tequila sunrise with friends by the ocean can be one of life’s great pleasures. However, for some people, just one beverage becomes too many, and they completely lose control over their inhibitions. So, you should take care of your capacity and consume drinks accordingly to avoid any nuisance.

4. Do as per the instructions of the lifeguard

It’s an unsaid rule of beach etiquette to be extra careful at the beach. The beaches often have strong tides or other dangers. You usually will see warning signs about the risks before you get there. Be sure you heed the signs and warnings. The lifeguards on duty will also warn you of any dangers. Please, refer to all safety information so that if something happens on the beach, you can act accordingly and protect others.

5. Walk barefoot

When you’re on the beach, a given beach etiquette is to walk barefoot. Sandals tend to throw sand around, which can get on other people’s belongings or in their eyes if you happen to be walking nearby them at the time of strong winds. As an added bonus, you might also come across hidden beauties at the beach or resort island if you’re traversing on foot.