Island photography is a different ball game altogether and when you’re out and about at the beautiful Daydream Island, it is best to be on top of your game right from the outset!

Taking the best travel photos is not rocket science, however, it won’t hurt to learn more about the best times to visit the beach for photography and make a note of some handy tips for travel photography to sail through!

On that note, do visit the Daydream Island Resort for its spectacular views to capture in your camera especially with all its natural landscapes, the amazing Living Coral Reef formation that wraps around the main building, and of course, the plethora of outdoor sit-outs, delicious cuisines, restaurants, bars and swimming pools all around!

Island Photography Tips

Here are some vacation photography tips for Daydream Island that you will appreciate:

  1. Timing Always Matters- Sunrise and sunsets provide some beautiful panoramic views to capture when at the beach, so make sure you time your visit perfectly to get an optimum shot and create memories lasting a lifetime. You will always find fewer people on the beach during dusk and dawn and at these times, the sun shines at angles that are rather interesting when interspersed with hues and shadows. Picture evenings when the light starts turning golden and you will know when to click! 
  2. Horizons Galore- One of the most common issues with beach photography is sloping horizons. In the case of open and wide spaces with unbroken horizons, work at keeping the horizon squared to the shot framing. Put the horizon off-the-centre since centred ones may leave photographs looking cut in half at times.
  3. Seclusion is vital- Head to the beach when people usually avoid it, i.e. when it's raining, the sea is choppy, or when there are dramatically lined out clouds or a rather windy day.  Such conditions may help you get fabulous snaps. Of course, being careful is a must in this case!
  4. Proper exposure bracketing- Shooting in summer means brightness all around and auto mode may lead to under-exposure for your snaps. You can experiment with diverse exposure levels in such scenarios. You can also try looking at over-exposure by a couple of stops. This depends on the overall landscape as well. Bracketing exposure is vital for taking good photographs.
  5. Spot metering and flash- If your camera comes with spot metering, then you can counter exposure-related issues well. This helps in bright light and also while taking pictures of other people. Turn flash ‘ON’ while photographing people amidst surrounding brightness at the beach. Flash will help you avoid scenarios where people turn into silhouettes while shooting directly into the sun.

You may also consider using UV filters if you have a DSLR camera. They help in safeguarding your camera lens while also reducing overall atmospheric haze greatly.

Photography is something you must do on an Island Vacation. These five tips will help you immensely to capture Daydream Island in all its glory. The island resort itself offers a spectacular canvas for trying out your photography skills and viewing nature in its entire splendour!