Snorkelling in Whitsunday is one of the most enjoyable sports available. It's completely safe, and practically anyone can do it. But before you go into the water, you must know a few things about snorkelling. This guide will be quite helpful if you're completely new to snorkelling. You'll discover the four keys to get you snorkelling like a boss.

What is Snorkelling?

Snorkelling is an underwater activity that requires the use of a breathing tube. It's designed so you may explore underwater canyons and vibrant green moss without having to worry about breathing.

Also, it is so easy that practically anyone can perform it. You just need a mask that helps to see underwater and a snorkel tube, and you're good to go.

What Should You Know Before Going Snorkeling?

So, everyone can attempt snorkelling. But, to get the most out of it, you should do some preliminary planning. Let’s have a look:

Improve your swimming abilities

If your swimming abilities are lacking, enrol in swimming classes at your local pool. Even if you are an excellent swimmer, developing your abilities can only benefit you in the water. Concentrate on the freestyle in particular, as the kicking technique from that style will be used when snorkelling.

Improve your breath-holding ability

Many snorkelers just stay on the surface and breathe via the snorkel while looking below. However, some more proficient snorkelers venture into the skin-diving zone by diving beneath the surface while holding their breath.


You'll be able to get a closer look at the marine fauna and examine reefs and other underwater features up close. You may improve your swimming efficiency and breath-holding ability to make the most of your time underwater.

Snorkeling Energy Conservation

Going for a leisurely dip in tropical seas may not appear difficult exercise, but make no mistake: snorkelling will drain you! Even in hot waters, your body loses heat continually because water has a higher heat capacity than air. It also takes some energy to move forward when wearing fins. Add to that that snorkelling expeditions can last all day, with hours spent in the water, and you can understand why thinking about reducing your energy expenditure is beneficial!


Snorkelling at Whitsunday is suitable for absolute beginners. It's completely risk-free and requires no preparation! But we understand if you want to practise to become more comfortable in the water. The best option is to go to your neighbourhood pool and practise swimming. Bring your snorkel mask and tube, and try your hand at breathing. Keep your arms stationary as your feet perform most of the effort, propelling you forward.


You may receive water in your snorkelling tube when snorkelling. Simply blowhard to remove all of the water. You may also receive some air in your mask. Simply press the mask against your face and expel it via your nostrils.


Simply squeeze your nose and blow out if you feel pressure in your ears. It will balance the pressure and make you feel more at ease in the water.

So, are you ready to try snorkelling? Why not book the best snorkelling in Whitsundays at Daydream Island Resort & Living Reef?