A relaxing holiday at the most beautiful holiday is everyone's dream! After doing the 9 to 5 day in and out, a little vacation at Daydream Island is the perfect paradise that is calling for you. But you might ask- ¨Why Daydream Island?¨. Well, here's why you need to book a vacation at Daydream Island today:

  1.  It's got it all

Not everyone has the same preferences when it comes to the idea of a vacation. While some like to spend their quality time outdoors, others find comfort in indulging in recreational activities indoors. At Daydream Island you get the best of both worlds! You can enjoy the glory of the beautiful sun outside, or you can spend your time away from your busy schedule while enjoying the various activities indoors.

  1.  Family Friendly

One of the biggest concerns while going on a vacation is- ¨whether the location will be enjoyable for your whole family?¨. While a vacation paradise might have a number of activities for you to enjoy, at the same time your kids might not be interested in them. At Daydream Island every member of your family gets to enjoy the beautiful vacation location the most. Everyone's needs have been looked after at Daydream Island because your pleasure is our duty!

  1. Irresistible Menu

While the location might steal your heart away with one look, it is equally important that you have the best food to make the experience even more pleasurable. A vacation without good food is like a special occasion without any celebration! At Daydream Island you get to enjoy the most heavenly tasting delicious food that will make your mouth water just through its aroma!

  1. Scenic Views

It is not every day that you plan to take a break from your hectic life and go on a vacation for a couple of days. On such a special occasion it is next to necessary that you make the best memories that will remind you of the beautiful vacation. At Daydream Island you get to experience the most scenic views, both under sea and above it, that will keep you mesmerized for a lifetime!

  1. Perfect For All Occasions

At Daydream Island you don't have to give two thoughts about if the location will fit your occasion. Daydream Island is the perfect location for all kinds of celebrations! Be it your birthday getaway, Honeymoon, or even a destination wedding. Daydream Island has arrangements and accommodation for any and all purposes!

  1. Hospitality At Its Best

At Daydream Island you will experience a home away from home. The highly cooperative staff members create a homely vibe for their valuable guests which adds on to their vacation experience. A vacation is meant for relaxation, under Daydream Island's hospitality you get to experience comfort at its best.


It's always fun to take time off and enjoy the peace that comes with it. Make that moment of peace even more delightful at Daydream Island and make it a trip that you´ll remember forever because at Daydream Island, your pleasure is our priority!