You must have heard of Daydream Island Whitsundays, one of the most beautiful locations to visit in Australia for world travelers. The best time to visit Daydream Island is sometime around the month of September although Daydream Island is a year-round destination for tourists. Daydream Island was one of the unfortunate and hapless victims of the terrifying Cyclone Debbie which ripped through the Whitsundays Islands back in the year 2017. However, in a miracle, the main buildings remained intact and after an extensive rebuilding exercise to the tune of $100 million, the Daydream Island Resort is one of the most spectacular global traveling destinations today!

You can expect a scintillating vacation that is also pocket-friendly, courtesy of the Daydream Island deals specials for families, couples and other travelers. There are convenient and hassle-free flights to Daydream Island’s nearby locations and you can also enjoy Daydreams boxes and special complimentary offers on your bookings. The best part about this island resort is its expansive pool landscape, allowing you to swim throughout the entire landscape and also its plethora of food and beverage offerings, ensuring that you get to taste the most delectable local produce and other Australian cuisine while enjoying the best food and drinks from other cultures as well.

The Underwater Observatory is a great place to start along with exploring the Living Reef, the key highlight of Daydream Island. The plush rooms offer scintillating ocean and garden views and you can expect a plethora of top-class amenities and facilities during your stay. The Living Reef is a free-form coral lagoon wrapping for 200 meters around the central structure on Daydream Island. It houses more than 100 local marine life species including small sharks, fish and other marine creatures like rays. This is up to 15 meters wide while housing 1.5 million litres of fresh and filtered sea water. This manmade reef is a spectacular attraction. You can go 4 meters beneath the surface at the Underwater Observatory while enjoying the learning experiences at the Education Center with its living displays, interactive touch pool and the theatrette.

Key activities include snorkeling tours with resident marine biologists, an exploration center, guided fish feeding sessions in the Whitsundays (picture stingrays, tropical fishes and more!) and also Stingray Splash which is the guided aquarium tour. This fascinating experience will have you joining up with baby stingrays within the Living Reef and then go through a talk and guided tour at the observatory.

The resort will arrange for guided experiences of the Great Barrier Reef as well, cutting through its restricted areas and lagoons for a lifetime experience indeed! Guided snorkeling of the Living Reef is another major highlight of the experience. You can join a marine biologist for a tour of the reef to view fish, rays and reef sharks amongst other exciting marine species. In fact, there is a whole range of fabulous activities for global tourists to enjoy. The Daydream Island Whitsundays resort offers many other activities including diving, exploring the island and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park via sailboat, helicopters and jet skis. There are other attractions like rainforest walking trails, pool landscapes, outdoor movies, fitness facilities, non-motorized water activities and a lot more. You can explore the surrounding islands, enjoy golfing or opt for ocean rafting amongst other fun activities.

The dedicated Daydream Spa gets you relaxed and invigorated after a hectic day of exploration, swimming and learning! You can expect the finest treatments from skilled and experienced spa therapists at the resort. Rejuvenate and wash away your worries with amazing tropical spa treatments at the Daydream Island Resort. In fact, if you want to keep your little ones busy, then Kid’s Club is an ideal solution. Daydream Island is the ideal destination for children to play, learn and explore while having a blast at the same time. The resort offers the best childcare facilities for making sure that your little ones get the care that they deserve while also having tons of fun in the bargain. In fact, if you are staying for a week, plan things out with the Kids Club Weekly Schedule.

Spend evenings in style with exclusive and romantic packages covering dinner, outdoor movies and more. Couples, families and other travelers can partake of such special evening entertainment after the sun comes down. All in all, Daydream Island is truly paradise on Earth as far as worldwide travelers are concerned. Give it a visit and you’ll see why!