5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Daydream Island Resort


Daydream Island is located at the heart of paradise, the Great Barrier Reef. The great barrier reef is a world heritage-listed site and. At Daydream Island resort, we offer modern rooms and suites with truly stunning views.


The island was one of the victims of Cyclone Debbie that hit the Whitsundays in 2017. After an extensive rebuild in 2018-2019, the island resort offers fantastic experiences. The island has spectacular great barrier reef activities that attract tourists. These are truly once in a lifetime experiences.


Daydream Island is the favourite holiday destination among Australians as it offers a relaxed holiday. Daydream Island Resort is the perfect place for families who want to relax in the tropical paradise. These can work out in the right way.


Here are 5 reasons to visit Daydream Island resort:


  1. The living reef:

The most beautiful attraction from this resort is the Living Reef. You can visit the Daydream Island resort to get a very close view of the marine life on the Great Barrier Reef. The living reef is home to many different fishes that are rare. Fishes like Nemos, rays, cod, and starfish live in this environment with water pumped in from the ocean.


  1. Marine life and wildlife:

Miraculously, the marine life from the reef survived the cyclone Debbie and is thriving under the supervision of the marine biologist. The great barrier reef resort provides a great view of the living reef, which contains the baby pool of young ray fishes and black sharks that are also part of the island’s breeding program. The island is home to many wallaroos that come out of hiding after the cyclone. The visitors can enjoy the view of them chewing on the turf.


  1. Landscape and climate:

Daydream Island Resort has a beautiful pool landscape that spreads through the tropical forests across the resort. The visitors can swim around the great barrier reef and enjoy unparalleled views of the ocean. The reef has excellent weather throughout the year.  One can visit the island to find clear sunny days in winter and tropical days in summer.


  1. Activities

Daydream Island resort offers Great Barrier Reef activities like circuit training in the rainforest and boot camps. The visitors can go for morning and evening jogs and take in the beauty of the mesmerising reef. Visitors can also enjoy a day of golf, helicopter tours and ocean rafting. You can learn more about the activities offered from our activities information brochure.


  1. Amazing Dining Options

Daydream Island Resort has many dining options that will suit your mood for food. The resort boasts of many restaurants, each offering something different and unique. The infinity restaurant, Inkstone Kitchen & Bar, and Teppanyaki Suite are a few of the dining options at Daydream Island Resort.


The Daydream island resort is indeed the best place to spend your holiday.