If you plan a winter vacation, then the Daydream Island resort and Living Reef is the perfect pick. The tranquil beach resort is a perfect winter getaway by virtue of its outstanding location and top-notch facilities. It is ideally located at the heart of Queensland Whitsunday island. You can enjoy the warmth of tropical gardens and the serenity of blue waters from the luxury of your stunning rooms. As the name already suggests, the living reef at the heart of this island resort is its central attraction.

If the Daydream island resort isn’t already on your vacation bucket list, then it’s time to get it on there and if it’s there, let’s get ready to scratch it off this winter.

As you gear up for your holiday at the Daydream Island Resort this winter, there are a few things that you need to remember while ticking the boxes off your winter travel packing list.

Don’t forget to pack outerwear

It is always a good idea to pack a jumper or a jacket for the evening. It should always be a part of your winter holiday checklist. Whitsunday island has a tropical climate all year round, but it does get a tad bit chilly during winter evenings.


While packing your bag for a winter vacation to a tropical island, make sure to carry an extra pair of sunglasses in case you lose the ones you are wearing. It won’t just protect your eyes against the sun but will also make you look fabulous.

Beach Accessories

It is always a good idea to pack some beach towels, hats, flip flops, etc. while going to the Daydream beach resort and Living Reef. These accessories will come in handy while you chill by the beachside.

Swimwear and Sunscreen

The Resort is located at the heart of Whitsunday island, at an entryway to the heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef. If you plan to swim or snorkel your way into the reef, don’t forget to pack your swimwear. The sun can get pretty intense during the day and noontime; therefore, a good sunscreen should be a part of your winter travel packing list.

Don’t Pack your Valuables

While going to a beach resort is always a good idea to not pack valuables like jewellery or large amounts of cash. This will also keep you stress-free, and won’t have to worry about theft or losing your valuables.

The most important thing you can incorporate into your winter holiday checklist is your spirit to have a ball. While enjoying your stay at the Daydream island resort, you can swim inside the living reef and indulge your senses in sumptuous cuisines and world-class beverages. Apart from that, this island resort has private pools, beaches, excellent restaurants, outdoor cinema, a fully functioning gym, and much more. In addition, a broad spectrum of recreational activities like jet skiing, golf, etc., are sure to impart a unique experience on the island. No matter what you are looking for in your vacation experience, if you can think of it, the Daydream island resort will have it.


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