A guide to the Fun Activities at Daydream Island

Looking to fully savour winter in Queensland? You should know that winter getaways in Queensland are incomplete without trips to Daydream Island in winter. Daydream has an extensive list of fun outdoor winter activities that you should certainly take a closer look at. Daydream Island contains innumerable attractions which are impossible to enjoy in a single day or even two! Daydream is the best place where you can sit back, relax, unwind, enjoy scintillating adventures and activities to do during winter break, capture the beauty of Nature and get pampered to the hilt! It goes without saying that the spectacular backdrop of gorgeous beaches, bushland and the iconic Great Barrier Reef is a major plus point.

You can choose to enjoy Daydream activities aplenty including the Living Reef Display which is a popular pick for several families including those with little ones. They will have a blast interacting with the diverse marine species showcased and this attraction will please everyone! You can also savor the thrill and adrenaline rush of winter water sports including sailing, snorkeling, water skiing, parasailing, jet skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving, swimming, volleyball and more! Daydream Island offers the pristine feel of an island resort, complete with the attraction of the Great Barrier Reef which could turn out to be the focal point of your trip. You can also indulge in some of the most fascinating Great Barrier Reef activities at hand.

You can check out options for exploring the Daydream Island itself and the surrounding Great Barrier Reef Marine Park via an adventurous helicopter ride, jet ski odyssey or with a sailboat. You will enjoy discovering charming rainforest walking trails, picturesque coral beaches and magical outdoor cinemas complete with the best facilities to keep you entertained and occupied happily throughout your trip. Check out the surrounding Whitsundays via sea, air or land, whichever way you wish! You can go golfing or simply indulge in some ocean rafting for the thrill of it.

That’s not all; you can sign off at Daydream Island in style with scintillatingly romantic and memorable evenings arranged to the last detail. From sumptuous two course meals and beverages to outdoor cinema experiences and more, you will thoroughly enjoy the feeling of being at one with nature. You can also relish tantalizing seafood buffet menus. Living Reef activities are diverse with the free form coral lagoon housing more than 100 species of marine life. The man made reef system offers several ways to experience picturesque underwater paradises. You will love the Underwater Observatory, going 4 meters underneath the surface with a 7 x 3m window as well. The Education Center comes with 8 living displays as well. Of course, you will love getting pampered at a spa nestled amongst the spectacular Whitsundays and staffed with highly experienced and skilled therapists. A 360-degree healing, enlivening and stimulating experience wouldn’t you say? That’s the sheer fun of being at Daydream Island this winter!